The Duchess of Cambridge & Tom Walker – ‘For Those Who Can’t Be Here’ @ Westminster Abbey, 2021

The Duchess of Cambridge & Tom Walker – ‘For Those Who Can’t Be Here’ @ Westminster Abbey, 2021

Watch The Duchess of Cambridge and Tom Walker perform ‘For Those Who Can’t Be Here’ at Westminster Abbey for Royal Carols: Together At Christmas.

The performance took place in The Chapter House inside Westminster Abbey in December 2021. The song was played as part of the Royal Carols: Together At Christmas, a carol service that reflected upon the difficult past 18 months for people across our nation, and particularly for those who might be more vulnerable, isolated or have limited access to support.

#TogetherAtChristmas was a moment to recognise those who have struggled during the pandemic, as well as to celebrate the individuals and organisations who carried out inspirational acts of kindness and incredible feats to help those in need in our communities.

With thanks to Tom Walker:

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35 Responses

  1. Irene Migliaccio says:

    She’s a talented human being in so many ways, yet so humble, i appreciate her more and more.

  2. Ксения Р. says:

    Это невероятно!Потрясающе!Герцогиня Кэмбриджская прекрасна! 👏👏👏❤❤❤👑 😍😍😍🇺🇦

  3. Aphrodite D says:

    This was beyond precious! Tom Walker is incredible! And the Duchess playing the piano awwwwww. Sending love to everyone, especially those who lost a dear one in 2021.

  4. Teodora Miceva says:

    This is really wonderful, congrats to Tom , Catherine and the others who played and sang. Merry Christmas everyone!

  5. Fleur de B says:

    Her parents must be so proud of her and everything she’s achieved

  6. Samadhee Ismail says:

    As a person who completed piano exams, stopped playing piano for over ten years and recently did a diploma on piano, I am impressed with Duchess of Cambridge’s piano performance as I read she did Grade 3 piano exam and completed Grade 5 exam. And I am sure she had some difficulties as I heard she is performing after so many years just like I did. She was brave to be performing with the professional musicians and I admire her courage and really appreciate her and she is really a humble person. I hope the Duchess will continue playing the piano as obviously, she is a very talented pianist.

    • Ruth R says:

      Erm, part of it is “muscle memory.”
      I’m losing my sight as an adult, but still crochet, transitioning from depending on my sight to my sense of touch and “muscle memory.”

    • Bunnymomjulie says:

      Oh can you imagine the stress she felt…she must have been ready to flop after all that was over. Bravo for her! xoxo

    • Strength Within Me says:

      The song was well within Piano Grade 5 level. Lots of repetition. Slow pace. I felt nervous for her, reminded me of my past piano exams and performances. She did very well. Lovely piano to play on too.

    • bloosn says:

      @Strength Within Me Piano grade 3, music theory grade 5…..

    • FVNT0M IIX says:

      @Strength Within Me I agree. It’s a very easy piece to play, left hand only needs to play a few keys, and if I wanna be picky, her rythme is not very consistent 😅. I finished level 10 in high school, started playing piano when I was 4, so this would be something I would play at 6-7 y/o 😆. But I do admire her courage to perform this knowing she’s not a great pianist and she did a good job overall!! Plus maybe she didn’t have much time to practice and perfect it too, who knows!

  7. The Body Language Guy says:


  8. az by says:

    Everything about this performance is magical. The very first time seeing Catherine coming into shot at the piano blew me away. Now 10 views later, it’s still special. 1.2million views in 19 hours. How many in a week? I’m guessing 75m.
    Wow, this is certainly a newly-minted iconic Christmas song. Well done to all those who kept it top secret for weeks – the surprise of the Duchess playing really added to the impact of the whole performance.

  9. NikkiReed961 says:

    The smile they shared after the music stopped was just the perfect ending of this amazing performance!

  10. Grace 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞 says:

    This left me speechless. Just when you think that Catherine has reach her peak, she never stops surprising by her humbleness and sensibility. They could have done a “popular” Christmas song and they chose this instead and it shows just another kind of humanity. I am a Latin woman, but I’m so inspired by you, Catherine. You deserve to be queen of this world!

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