The Eclipse in 23 seconds.

The Eclipse in 23 seconds.

Apologies for the power outages today. You may experience loss of light for 2-3 minutes. #eclipse
This is why the solar eclipse 2017 happened.

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20 Responses

  1. H&J WILLIAMS says:

    First comment

  2. Saki Miyu says:

    Never clicked so fast lol

  3. Tato Batz says:

    can someone tell me when is the eclipse time at cuz i can’t see it cuz of school y i waited 3 years for it

  4. AceJerry Mc says:

    We all have to agree that I was first, right?!!

  5. Shiflo Fernández says:

    24 seconds**

  6. clara dolly says:

    omg im so scared for the eclpise idk where i live its kinda haunted so pretty much the only reason

  7. Clash Clan says:

    I can’t see eclipse cuz I live in Italy 😭

  8. ABD GAMING says:

    He changed the background when he changed the sun

  9. Juan Francisco Barrios says:

    Cuando es de día hay montañas, pero cuando es de noche hay una gran ciudad. 👎👎👎

  10. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    This has to be trending.

  11. Larding Cripple Nugget says:

    I’ve waited a year for this

    It’s rainy and cloudy

  12. Ronnoc527 says:

    This eclipse is going to be lit… I mean… Not lit..

  13. Neromite says:

    The shadow is facing a different way proving this is fake

    I know it’s fake but I just wanted to point that mistake out

  14. TeamKoopa Will says:


  15. Amu chan says:

    Like friend and it is awsome

  16. Ben Bro says:


  17. Pokemon Boy13 says:

    You are the best editor I’ve ever seen in my life……

  18. EmberWolfCanine says:


  19. Mohammed alyasiri says:

    did anyone notice the background changing at 00:13 ??

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