The Economics of Airline Class

The Economics of Airline Class

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20 Responses

  1. Wendover Productions says:

    Sorry for doubling up on aviation videos! Normally I wouldn’t do two videos of similar topics back-to-back but the video I was going to do just ended up not being interesting enough so I scrapped the script. I didn’t have time at that point to do a research-intensive video so I decided to do this topic that I already knew a good bit about.

    Also I know this is a pretty loose interpretation of economics, but hey, I liked the title.

    Also, one clarification on something I realized might be confusing during editing: airlines absolutely had first class in the 60s and 70s. It just wasn’t anything like the long-haul first class’ you see today. It was pretty much like domestic US first class today. The impact of the Concorde was the perceived competition it created for the highest-class of traveller. Some airlines decided to close their first class cabins and not compete while others improved their cabins in order to compete. Lie-flat seats or even angle-flat seats really didn’t become ubiquitous until the last 10-15 years with the demise of the Concorde.

    Also, first.

  2. Twatical says:

    Wendover Productions, 2 minutes ago

  3. Brian Nguyen says:

    i can watch since im in the middle of a blizzard

  4. Boss Balls says:

    you must really like airplanes

  5. Daniel Glazer says:

    under 1000 club

  6. Lee Wright says:

    Something tells me you like planes…

  7. Clym Montgomery says:

    The 747 flew in 1969?! My god, how are they still in the air….

  8. rpatto92 says:

    I immediately had an idea, once I found out the that airlines make more money from fewer higher paying customers. Why oh, why does not an entrepreneurial airline takes advantage of this and offer a more average flight for its customers. By shaving off both the cheapest and most expensive options and averaging out the prices across the remaining seats; to provide an overall better experience for a marginal increase overall.

  9. DilanChecker says:

    Who the hell would be so stupid and pay 14.000$ for a flight? Even if I had the Money I wouldnt.

  10. Rebasepoiss says:

    I’m sorry but the Concorde didn’t fail. It flew for 34 years (!!!) and even at the beginning of the millennium it was still making money for BA. The reason they had do end flying was that the manufacturer stopped providing maintenance and parts for the plane.

  11. Felix Bergman says:

    You get a free like since you included Stockholm in the video. Don’t care about the rest. Go Sweden!

  12. Donald Trump says:

    Can you do a video on which countries are best to nuke? For… research purposes

  13. 1973Washu says:

    The ultra high end traveler will probably move from 1st class to private jets if they do away with 1st class.

  14. YASH THAKAR says:

    These videos are very well researched.. good work

  15. Ajinkya Pathania says:

    Well BA 01 is a business class only flight (even though its an A318)

  16. Ilham Suhendi says:

    even with economy seat, I’m still feeling the luxury experience of flight

  17. Nice meme says:

    If I was insanely rich I might go first class but tbh you will be on there probably about 8 hours and the amount extra isn’t really worth it

  18. Jared Jeanotte says:

    Do airlines upgrade People to higher classes for weight distribution on the flight?
    Is it marketing to give People a taste of first class so next time they might buy it?

  19. Prateek aranha says:

    Although you have shown us that business and first class get more revenue, you have not focused on the net revenue which is how much is earned minus the money spent by the airline on each passenger from different classes. I find this video incomplete as many other factors are missing such as the actual percentage of seats occupied on average in each class and so on. I’m interested to know your view on this.

  20. italianpizzadude 20 says:

    So the average person is dirt to an airline? That’s comforting…

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