The Egg

The Egg

The Egg

Story by Andy Weir
Animated by Kurzgesagt

A Big Thanks to Andy Weir for allowing us to use his story.
The original was released here:
Visit his website here:

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This video was more than 2 years in the making and is a little bit different than the others on this channel. We hope you like it.

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The Voice of Kurzgesagt:
Steve Taylor:

The music of the video here:

John Crisp, Laurent BF, Dark Insanities, Eugene Bulkin, Thies Bollow, Adam Filion, Filippo Serci, Przemyslaw Etz, Ninja Duck, Babaev Dmitri, Zed, Le Long, Lee, Thew Adams, St., Rob Martinez, Radek Motycka, Patrick Draus, Eric, ????? ??????, George Buce, Divdiv, Will S, Ebot75, Felix Unger, Daniel Tousley, Pat Monaghan, Elise Wright, Pierre SCELLES, Owen Hammer, @harrisonlingren, Xecrov, David Kinnvall, Omar Mohamed, Artak Begnazaryan, Asher Novick, Justin Simon, Nick Mills, Simon Ulsnes, rictic, Lisa, Florence Lemaire, Dave Cameron, Kent Sorensen, Project Vibrance, Skaiste Stralyte, Vladislav, Jackie Potts, Andrea Angeli, Max Wraae, Pascal Jeiziner, Apollo, Zufalligeule, Darrick, Wil, Andrei Har?ia, joegrafe, PunkBart, Douglas Harley, Tobias Jensen, Gabriel Heijmer, Reece Jeffrey, Matthew Joste, Diallo Grant, Lee Gerheart, James Mowen, William Jackson, Ethan Bennett, Steve Klein, Fabian, Dafydd Rees-Jones, Adrian Kiechl, Kristian Alexandersen, leo puvilland, Lillian Gutoff, Sam Jemison, Charlotte, Andrew Kozhokaru, Paul Romahn, Cowgirl Zombie, Anuj, KlavierBube2016, Ron Nagy, Kari Greenwalt, Daniel Sousa, James Schiff, Sigongjoa, Sean Allen, Chad Zemel, Nina Mihalikova, Joseph Richardson, Zheng Jin, Eyad Bukhari, Marisa Miller, Ivan, Andrew, Ethan, Chris,Cellhawk, Pedro Caetano, JusRus, Flatag, Felix Seggebäing

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62 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    A Big Thanks to Andy Weir for allowing us to use his story!
    If you want to support us, please check out those beautiful Egg posters we made:

  2. Enzo Fischer says:

    Okay, all jokes aside, thank you for bringing us this outstanding content kurzgesagt. This one was truly magnificent and seriously hope you’ll do more of these.

  3. Palirano says:

    “I’m Hamilton?” You said, appalled.

    “And you’re the fool who shot him.”

  4. Brogan King says:

    “Why do all this?”
    “For LOLz my child, for the LOLz”

  5. Enscribe says:

    Just saying, this is the same guy that vividly described the smell of the protagonist’s crew member’s feces in The Martian

  6. Iqbal Mala says:

    Kurzgesagt animated humans instead of birds!! Someone get the camera!

  7. Cj L says:

    You: so what’s the meaning of life?
    God: ~sigh~ you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve said this…

  8. EddTheBob ! says:

    “You were on your way home” ok

    “When you died” OH.

  9. Levi Hernandez says:

    Logic album “everybody” was inspired also by the egg by Andy Weir

  10. Akil Wallace says:

    Best isekai of the summer.

    Watashitachi Onaji: That time I was reincarnated as everyone.

  11. Zephyrus Auron says:

    Bill Wurtz: “You could make a religion out of this!”

    • hockeater says:

      No don’t.

    • Shall NotWither says:

      Already done. Talk to India. Christianity is better though… none of this video is even testable. Atleast in Christianity, Jesus death, integrity of the Bible, and observation is used. This story is entirely untestable and at best only a fairy tale if not an outright trip to lala land.

    • ArcSpaGaming says:

      hockeater lol why

    • Douglas Meyer says:

      @Shall NotWither oh the irony of someone who believes in a jewish zombie carpenter calling anyone elses goofy religion “LALA Land”…

  12. blox9000 says:

    >fade to black
    >wake up

    >find self in a wagon
    >see god
    >god opens mouth

    “Hey you, you’re finally awake.”

  13. ディアスジェレミー says:

    Random: “Do you believe in God?”

    Kurzgesagt: *_”Well no but actually yes.”_*

  14. CityStrong says:

    Youtube: “The Egg In A Nutshell”
    Me: “WHAT THE HELL?!”

  15. The Reddit FBI says:

    My 4th Grade Teacher: “The world doesnt revolve around you.”

    Kurz: *Hold my stories*

  16. scosco says:

    “That cute girl you like, ask her out!”

    Yeah I’ll ask myself out

    And still end up getting rejected

  17. Vaerum says:

    You’ve been talking to Joe Rogan? Will your next video be about chimps?

  18. Slash says:

    At least i’m not the person who actually likes jake paul..
    *OH WAI-*

  19. Jan Becker says:

    A fabulous short story. Thanks for taking my mind into greater spheres.

  20. Tweetie Bird says:

    Really makes me think of Alan Watts and his quote “You are the universe observing itself”.

    When we die, we just go back to where we came from: the universe.

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