The Emperor Has No Balls

The Emperor Has No Balls
Artist: Ginger
Original Score: Ryder Reynolds

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20 Responses

  1. Peter Warr says:

    No wonder he built a great big Phallic Trump Tower……..

    His very little Donald downstairs – has no doubt caused him considerable
    Penis Envy.

  2. Michael Baker says:

    TRUMP 2016! He has already won you stupid libtards!

  3. Keenan Green says:

    Wow it must suck to be a Trump supporter (can’t even just say conservative
    anymore) and use YouTube with all the liberal stuff showing up. It won’t do
    anything though the confirmation bias is too strong.

  4. Adrian Alkema says:

    Voting in 2016: “Pick your poison”

  5. I Couldn't Think Of A Username so I made this one says:

    Honestly politics aside this was a good sculpt and art piece.

  6. A Pacing Goose says:

    Trump Supporters: IM FUCKING TRIGGERED

  7. TurtleRebellion says:

    When I first heard about these I thought they were bombs

  8. MegaSirRichard says:

    Trump appeals to the uneducated poor white people–to everyone else, he’s a

  9. Randy Marsh says:

    Never Hilary as much as I dislike trump

  10. Aeternuss says:

    Do Hillary or your not better than a propaganda artist

  11. Myles Nelson says:

    The guy that made this thank you

  12. bigboyrad 1911 says:

    Trump 2016

  13. froilan velez says:

    Once, he becomes the president, we’ll put a statue in every state with an
    american flag, covering his american skin.

  14. quidnick says:

    Imagine if so called “Modern artists” actually made art like the romantics.
    Their display of uglyness is just a reflection of their soul.

  15. Nattalia Rivas says:

    Donald Trump isn’t fat….

  16. Joseph K says:

    In b4 the butthurt PC Trump voters dislike this to hell

  17. Nathan Thompson says:

    This seems like a waste of time and money tbh

  18. J Rod says:

    Way to disrespect the presidential candidates. If I was walking down the
    street and I saw with my children, I’d break it. It’s not art, it is a
    waste of talent

  19. Putins Poodle says:

    Love the background music and the Trump quotes as well.

  20. Peyton Lea says:

    not all heroes wear capes