THE END OF AMANDA [Amanda The Adventurer #3]

THE END OF AMANDA [Amanda The Adventurer #3]

WELCOME, back to Amanda The Adventurer! LET’S END THIS.

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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. Be respectful. We are a community. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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53 Responses

  1. Anthony Anderson says:

    You know it’s a good game when Cory actually completes it under a month

  2. Izzy says:

    For Cory: hameln or hamelin is a town in Germany where the pied piper originates from. The pied piper is known for being a piper who rid the town of Hamelin of rats by luring them away with his music and then, when he was not paid for his services, lured away its children. Which could potentially be a metaphor for what the company ‘Hameln’ is doing to kids in Amanda the adventurer

  3. Mr.Fallon says:

    I think the reason Amanda went crazy when she drugged Wooly and did brain surgery on him is because Hamilton (or the company he works for) did the exact same to her, drugged her and took out her brain and or connected her brain into the cartoon. This would explain why she said she was still out there (in the real world), and why she said she could feel herself rotting. The layers to this game are insane.

    • baconstein says:

      wait actually that makes alot of sense😮

    • F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С says:

      🅷🅸 🅶🆄🆈🆂 !!

    • Katherin Paniagua says:

      ​@Lawliet Yagamiwait but, what is the monster that gets Cory multiple times? Is that not Amanda?

    • Lawliet Yagami says:

      That’s actually a really good theory. I wrote a comment replying to another theory that it’s basically confirmed Rebecca is dead and her body is decomposing or “rotting” as Amanda puts it. I think wooly was put in the show to keep Amanda on track, in the everything rots tape he is so persistent on telling her that nothing is rotting. Maybe finding her body is key to setting her free from the show or from the control of the demons hameln forced her to summon. So maybe in that tape Amanda was doing the surgery to wooly as revenge

    • Roy Chann says:

      Damn thats a good theory

  4. Partizanas says:

    The missing tape is actually hidden in the files of the game, its called the “secret tape”. The video is about wooly just sitting there on a chair in a empty room with a clock ticking sound, please get Cory to hear this.

  5. ^Zora-♡ says:

    I have a theory, Sam Colton made a show called Amanda the adventurer based off of his adopted daughter Rebecca, and it became a big hit. Kate promoted that show by telling people about how educative it was and HamelN (a big animation company) decided that it would boost their funds if they made an animated version of Amanda the Adventurer. For this, they needed Sam’s approval to make this animation, they also needed Rebecca’s voice because of it. That’s where we hear Rebecca practicing with her dad, Sam, in the audio room. Sam obviously realised that something was wrong after he saw how she was behaving, (as if she was mind-controlled) so he tried to stop the deal. HamelN must have already found a way to get rid of Sam, which explains why Rebecca was signing the paper without a parental guidance. They took her into a room, where the killed her and put her consciousness into the animated version of Amanda, explaining why she said sometimes she felt like she was rotting. Her consciousness keeps remembering her dead body. HamelN put wooly in the show to keep her to forget her past and believe she was always part of the show.

    That’s my theory.

    • Ice Playss says:


    • Lem0nH3art says:

      ​@Gibran 29 the guy at that part is the “man in the headphones”

    • Mako says:

      ​@Gibran 29 I think it’s most likely the demon that Hameln made Rebecca summon during the recording session tape and it possibly took over her body because which is why she says I’m rotting somewhere and she’s out there somewhere. She possibly died and the demon took over her body and it makes sense that it only comes after you if you make Amanda mad.

    • Me says:

      ​​​@netro net How can it be? It’s just a game lol There’s way crazier story plots in other video games and movies lol They seem to be going for an occult, science fiction angle. I don’t know if Wooly is trapped but I definitely think he is self aware. Maybe the evil company put him in the game to help control Amanda/Rebecca.

  6. Haru Haru says:

    Amanda’s words “I’m still out there, somewhere.” really stood out to me. She was definitely killed and her body was never found.

  7. Cole Kiesler says:

    Cory: Tries to get all the other endings

    Also Cory: “Have I figured out the lore or have I figured out that these endings are just whack.”

    • F*CК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY РIС says:

      Hi ĝuys.

    • the shadows says:

      tell corry this:

      *there is a board that has a drawing of a flaming oven and with the II symbol follow it’s instructions and you will get a secret ending to the kitchen tape and a new secret tape*

    • Aqeel Slamang says:

      ​@Handle60sI’m not sure if it’s because the developer has plans to bring something spicy in later for an update or if this is really what we get. I sure hope there’s more to it.

    • NotAlex? says:

      @Logan Floor 🅥 no

  8. Iron Reborn says:

    Damn, the developers of this game really know how to grasp their players and viewers… 10/10 game.

  9. Intisar Danhassan says:

    fun fact: If you type “lamb” before Amanda says to tell The Butcher what they need, this will result in you obtaining the Blanked Tape.

    • Amaze says:

      It got scraped but it’s still in the game files. You can use an unity asset viewer to obtain this tape through hacking (it’s a dark blue tape without any writing on it), that plays Wooly sitting on a chair for like 15 minutes straight.

    • Jabbahutt 🇦🇺 says:

      @Wyatt Belgard no he didn’t lol because those were 2022 demos

    • Wyatt Belgard says:

      he already did that

  10. creme betweens says:

    Theory (from the amanda the adventurer subreddit)

    At 29:09, Rebecca was likely saying the name of demonic entities/evil spirits that appear in ancient grimoires (spell books), written in a way as to not raise suspicion:

    “bye yell” – Bael: A demonic entity

    “pie man” Paimon: An evil spirit

    “baa lamb” Balam: A king of hell and a leader of legions

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