The End Of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson

The End Of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson


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Mason Murphy 
Wrong direction

Music by Mason Murphy – Fix Myself –
Music by Mykyl – Wrong Direction –
Music by Lillian Hepler – Baddie –
Music by Mason Murphy, Parker Rudd – Wake Me Up –
Music by Mason Murphy, Parker Rudd – Wake Me Up (Acoustic) –
Music by Mason Murphy, Parker Rudd – Sick Of You –
Music by Savannah Outen – The Hard Way –
Music by Narrowhaven – Stutter –
Music by Narrowhaven – Sympathy –
Music by Narrowhaven – Lying to Myself –
Music by Mykyl – Never Be –
Music by Mason Murphy, Parker Rudd – Wake Me Up (Acoustic) –
Music by Obi Ben & Faletti – Stay –
Music by Obi Ben – Hometown Girl –
Music by Obi Ben – yesterday –

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35 Responses

  1. shane says:

    AHHHHHHHHH IM SO EXCITED!!!! I hope you guys like the finale!!! I’m so proud of this video and this unexpected journey. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do!!! <3333

  2. Mads says:

    Ryland is literally the best. The way he was talking to Shane and helping him navigate his feelings is exactly what you want in a partner!

    • Regina Transgender says:

      I love Ryland, he’s finding a way to get pregnant like myself and I think one day we will accomplish it

    • Mads says:

      @TuppyTek besides calling Ryland pretty, everything you said is completely false and downright rude. There was a good part where Shane was voicing his concerns and anxieties and Ryland was helping him by trying to explain and work through why he’s upset and feeling that way. I can’t even do it justice by explaining. I would love to have someone that helps me work through my feelings the way Ryland did in this video.
      Also, you know Shane and possibly Ryland read these comments so to come on here and say something negative like that is just mind blowing to me. If you don’t like it, then just don’t watch or comment. It’s as easy as that.

    • TuppyTek says:

      ryland literally just sits there and looks pretty the entire episode and makes 0 contributions. The damn camera man is of more value than he is srry but it’s the truth 💖

    • richiethev says:

      @Cassie Lee just saw the end of your thread damn sounds like you live outside of California because my friend lived in Hollywood and got the police involved they were more then happy to help. In your case sounds like you will have to take him to civil court ASAP and the very least you should be able to get your belongings back.. Sue him if you can afterward…

    • richiethev says:

      @Cassie Lee I had a friend go through something similar and she got the police involved which they went with her & escorted her so she could pick her clothes up…

  3. Sophia Perez says:

    I don’t think Shane and Jeffree understand the impact they made in our lives from their series together. It is so bittersweet but I’m happy for both. I will never forget this ever.

  4. Tristan Braungardt says:

    The world changes so much and people change so much. Sometimes it’s a hard thing to accept. The places we felt the most fulfilled, and even the places we felt at our worst, don’t last forever. The emotional and the physical realm…it all changes. I’m happy you made this project. Acknowledging the existence and the departures of your biggest life moments is hard, but so beautiful. It’s an amazing palette and idea, but more than anything it’s beautiful memories and a beautiful friendship. Carry home with you what you can, and lay to rest the things you can’t. There’s always more to come. <3

  5. Jalea Proctor says:

    This video gave me so many emotions.. I’m heart broken that jeffree is leaving YouTube and that the pallete never came out it’s the most beautiful pallet I’ve ever seen and I would buy in a heart beat!!! Shane you are amazing at what you do plz never quit YouTube… so happy to see jeffree so happy I honestly think he deserves it… this whole series was a beautiful testimony to y’all’s friendship…

  6. DD 18 says:

    Watching other people try on Shane’s shades as part of jefree’s pallettes and not even knowing, made me really emotional. Letting go of dreams is so difficult and I’m glad he at least got to show it to the world.

  7. Kayla Middlebrooks says:

    I think the pandemic taught us ALL to slow down and reevaluate what’s important. Sometimes peace and happiness is so much more valuable than a 20mil house and fame. I’m proud of Jeffery

  8. Kayla VanDett says:

    I would’ve paid an arm and a leg to have that palette if I’m being honest. It’s absolutely beautiful. It is so nice to see the shades spread out throughout other palettes jeffree has let out since you guys made this.

  9. Gisselle Davis says:

    The scene where Shane revealed the palette and talk about Jeffree using some of the shades in his recent palettes made it cry, knowing this beautiful palette will never come out made me so sad, but I’m still so glad your hard work didn’t go to waste and the world still got to see and use some of them. I hope someday you guys come out with a new palette, your creative minds together make such amazing work #rebirth ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Taylor Jeffreys says:

    This was so bittersweet to watch, my love of makeup is because of Jeffree and all of the incredible makeup collections he’s made and I’ve laughed until I’ve cried for so many years thanks to Shane. You 2 together have been unbelievable, you guys created something that I don’t think any other beauty brand can ever top. You had the world waiting to see what was going to happen next while creating the Conspiracy Palette, my step dad who knew absolutely nothing and didn’t give a shit about makeup was glued to the TV watching you create a historical collection. Thank you so much Shane for letting us all see the many sides of Jeffree through your series with him. And thank you Jeffree for so much inspiration, iconic moments and fabulousness while being on YouTube, you will go down in YouTube history! Can’t wait to see both of your next adventures! 🩷

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