The End Of The Movie Star

The End Of The Movie Star

The 2022 Oscars debacle really got me to thinking, is this the age of the movie star, and the cult of celebrity ending? Yes, and I’ll explain how and why it happened.

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  1. Sterling Ivey says:

    “ The finest people I’ve ever met were in pubs” Absolutely touching.

  2. Tony ThePokemonGuy says:

    I love how we still have people like Keanu and Kurt Russell, but we never hear about them because they don’t feel the need to shout it to the whole world.

    • Steven Williams says:

      @Tyler Smith that’s what’s driving a new type of public celebrity. Jordan Peterson comes to mind. He’s one many interesting people to the forefront when a few decades ago no one would know about people like him.

    • Chanchorrito says:

      @Sup 1st of All not all of his movies are bad. That’s just your opinion and you’re entitled to it. Second of all. He’s not woke and has a reputation for being one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

    • Lai SY says:

      @Akimbo Madman I have seen people saying Keanu is the type of actor who only acts well in one specific role: stoic wooden character

    • NekoVanguard says:

      @Sup Preach brother. Keanu stars in John Wick and redditors puts a blind eye on his other horrendous movies (i even saw people defending him in garbage like Siberia because wholesome keanu chungus), yet shits Robert Pattinson who did an amazing job in Good Time, Tenet, High Life, Batman, etc. because he stars in Twilight. Although to be fair redditors count movies that aren’t MCU to be automatically shit tier so can’t blame them for it.

    • Nick Butcher says:

      Sylvester Stallone and while he was alive, Robin Williams BIGTIME

  3. Memememe says:

    That final shot in the auditorium of hundreds of “court jesters” doing a standing ovation to one of their own really put the whole thing into perspective for me. Good edit.

  4. Mac Catt says:

    Equate this to the friends cast, the most relatable character is Joey, he is dumb and simple, but sincere, and honest, in the entire run of friends, there was no arc for Joey, no where to grow, he stayed a loveable, relatable dumbass. No disrespect to Matt Leblanc, who I think is an intelligent person, but with humility. This is examples in his personal appearances and in his work after friends, he’s has show his lack of hubris. Either the casting director nailed it before the show was so successful, casting Leblanc as he was the embodiment of Joey, or more likely, as a young, growing man Leblanc saw and understood Joey’s core traits where what made him likeable, not the actor, and leaned into that, which feed the same pasts of his own personality.
    I think a great example, especially in Hollywood, as a lesson learnt vs a lesson taught….

    • Parlimant Strifey says:

      that show panders to womanists only by the end, it is nigh unwatchable for the majority of the run. Same thing happened to The Big Bang Theory, networks love to play bait n switch on the male audience. Then expect you to stick around, that doesn’t happen with network bait n switch shows. I walk, you changed the unspoken contract.

    • The Tillman Sneaker Review Is Back!!! says:

      @pyropulse Okay, captain…EVERYBODY admires somebody and movie roles fill everybody’s fantasies, even yours.

    • Luz maria says:

      @cattysplat Which mean he was exactly what he was at he beginning but people changed and he in essence don’t. He was outdate, and it is ironic that it is the real conclusion of us all. We all will become outdate, someday you will wake up and don’t know why things changed and why things don’t work anymore.

  5. TheKersey475 says:

    “As actors, it is our responsibility to read the newspapers, and then say what we read on television like it’s our own opinion.”
    -Janeane Garofalo puppet, “Team America: World Police”

  6. TheArchangel911 says:

    The first song to play on MTV was called “Video killed the radio star”. Social Media has done it again, the mysterious movie star has become extinct.

    • lincbond442 says:

      That song by The Buggles was a big UK hit in 1979. Great pick to be the first video ever shown on MTV two years later.

    • Samwise Gamgee says:

      The real question is, what’s going to kill the social media stars?

    • Mjolnirs Power says:

      @Is That How You Talk To Your Mother? Let’s hope so, SM stars are a gazillion times worse than movie celebs…. the Kardashians.

      I rest my case.

    • Mjolnirs Power says:

      Except it was a false prediction, as MTV itself has completely Killed videos

    • Is That How You Talk To Your Mother? says:

      @Maxie Karn but the movie industry makes billions of dollars thru online streams via platforms like Netflix, hbo, Hulu, disney+. The internet just made them even richer.

  7. Erin Roberts says:

    Keanu gave $50k to our soup kitchen for the homeless and didn’t ask for a single damned thing in return. He even helped to unload the trucks. He’s just a guy who wanted to help and so he did.

  8. Pajamapants Jack says:

    Kurt calling himself a jester is a disservice. The man is the king of the jesters. Man has been in every kind of movie under the sun and is still doing good work, all while staying humble. He’s probably my favorite actor for that reason

    • Jindychick says:

      Walt Disney’s last words were, “Kurt Russell”. The man got a bit wrong in his life but he was spot on in the last few moments

    • lincbond442 says:

      Love his work. From spots on Gilligan’s Island and The Fugitive as a kid, to the early 70’s Disney movies as a teenager, to his great adult rolls of the 80’s, 90’s and beyond. Great actor, and yes, a king among jesters.

    • mikerox71 says:

      I might agree with you, though in reality he knows exactly what he, and the rest of Hollyweird are. And, I can do no less than commend him for that.

  9. GIGRoundNPound says:

    That moment when millions (myself included) realize that some “drunk” Scottish guy’s voice carries more weight and resonance than some of the most “storied” and “trusted” institutions who’s job is to deal in the “truth”. Never stop being awesome random Scottish guy, never.

    • Michael Lochlann says:

      He basically just rants about diversity politics in hollywood and weak writing, comparing him to the news is about as silly as him comparing his youtube channel of movie reviews, as entertaining as they are, to the best actors in the world making Oscar movies.

    • Ellie #Putin&HisBishTrump 🍆 TinyPeePees says:

      Jesus, settle down fanboy

    • RaiderRo Davis says:

      Like I told a coworker the other day, the only good thing about movies sucking now is that it’s material for critical drinker to make fun of

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