The End of WoW? Why Azeroth is DOOMED! | The SCIENCE of… World of Warcraft (BFA)

The End of WoW? Why Azeroth is DOOMED! | The SCIENCE of… World of Warcraft (BFA)

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A giant SWORD was plunged into the world of Azeroth and yet all the characters seem perfectly content mining the blood of their planet. After all, life goes on. Right? Wrong! Heck the Battle for Azeroth may have ended before it even began. Today Theorist, Austin is calculating just how much damage that sword actually did to the planet of Azeroth. Is this the end of the World of Warcraft?

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69 Responses

  1. Mexy says:

    NO! MY GREATEST WEAKNESS … Trigonometry!!!!!!!!!!

  2. TheUnluckyFactor says:

    i gave a like. Get some sleep man

  3. Ernest Ankrom says:

    I just realized that if Austin ever got his math wrong we would never know because no one else would be willing to subject themselves to redoing all the math he did.

    • the campers says:

      Ernest Ankrom sush he dosent know that.

    • Mike Shaver-Miller says:

      AIL Ⓥ Hey, thanks for this! Never took math that far, but this is really useful! This is just for 4 sided ones, right? Is there something similar for three sided ones, or higher?

    • good bye says:

      I am doing GCSE add maths some of the stuff is harder than that

    • XadadaX says:

      AIL Ⓥ That is exactly what he was doing during that clip… Getting the width, lenght and thickness of the sword to get the volume. But he had to obtain that data from the measurements he already got. Now, he may have calculated more measurements than necessary, but not so much more actually (and he probably used them to calculate other comparisons later on)

    • rubbers3 says:

      Well, he sort of did in this one, when he simplified the sword to a rhombic pyramid, while better approximation would be an elongated hexagonal pyramid (you know, this sword’s cross section seem more lenticular/hexagonal, rather than diamond), which, according to my calculations, doubles the volume of the sword.

  4. Chillyx says:

    I honestly hate austin videos ngl

  5. Team Zoella says:

    I had a WoW ad before the vid….

  6. Marco Tang says:

    What’s the music called at 3 minutes in it sounds so communist

  7. fatmaster blaster says:

    Do i have to say this AGAIN get YOUR OWN CHANNEL

  8. Spike Moody says:

    Mozart’s 40th symphony! Nice music pick. Just thought I’d randomly make a comment that no one wants, just to please myself. I play the viola, and I know that the violas almost always play the background part in an orchestra. Despite this, they are still a very beneficial instrument to have in an orchestra. Anyways, back to the point. The viola part in the 40th is quite difficult; as the song first plays, the don’t do the usual higher cello part, they actually play a long section in which they play four notes per beat (two and two). There. RIGHT. THE VIDEO. This event gives me major Norse Ragnorok vibes. Stabbing a planet with a sword? Surtr, anyone?

  9. Geoon says:

    Austin: Dear…
    Me:Oh boy,here we go…

    • John Clark says:

      Lets Get A Website
      Ok listen that is your opinion and I personally respect your opinion now here is my opinion…I DON’T CARE, i never said I don’t like Austin I am actually like watching his videos but I am use to watching matpat videos and I like watching the theme song and all that stuff , it just feels weird expecting to think that your probably watching a mat pat video but it turns out be Austin’s instead so yeah no one never said they hate watching Austin and they are a non believer

    • John Clark says:

      Lets Get A Website and also I like watching gtlive because they are interacting with us and letting us play with them and it is fun to watch them play games!!!!!

    • Jason Snow says:

      Id rather listen to MatPat

    • Lets Get A Website says:

      John Clark Two facts:
      1. People all over this comments section hate on Austin.
      2. Every Austin video says “THE SCIENCE” in its title, ignorance is not an excuse.

      Enjoy. And no I am not taking screen shots of comments. Just scroll down you’ll see the collective cries of the non believers wishing it wasn’t Austin.

    • Lets Get A Website says:

      John Clark And that is your opinion. I respect that. Also I DON’T CARE EITHER. Enjoy yourself

  10. KayKayKilljoy says:

    Here’s an idea for Film Theory: How are there floating mountains on Pandora in Avatar???

  11. Bradley Shepherdson says:

    if you change the speed of the video to 0.5x normal, it makes Austin sound drunk.

  12. A Commenter says:

    Before I begin this comment I must disclose a trigger warning.

    Read more

  13. TheElf says:

    Each time I see a number I take a shot… of sprite. I’ve gone through three cans and I’m only halfway through.

    • Nick Hohl says:

      TheElf you should actually be through somewhere around a six pack if you were observant or actually measured out a shot.

    • TheElf says:

      Nick Hohl, ended around 5 and a half cans. Didn’t really have access to a shot glass, so I more or less estimated, and I missed a few at the start.

  14. First to Last says:

    I liked the video.
    He mentioned the forbidden math.

  15. A Commenter says:

    At least there’s _Hearthstone_

  16. Papa V says:

    Jesus Christ, stop screaming like a moron, i hoped MatPat would do this episode

  17. Slocole 100 says:

    10:02 time for me to put my playback speed to 0.50

  18. Gold Wolf says:

    I think a random Player on World Of Warcraft asked for a really big sword and someone in Blizzard made it happen…

  19. SuperE Prime says:

    Wow, a WoW ad on a video talking about WoW.

  20. Xedoua says:

    Dear Austin,

    Can you stop yelling so much in your videos?


    Person who is seriously concerned for your potential anger issues and health.

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