The Ending Of Endgame Explained

The Ending Of Endgame Explained

With a run time clocking in at over three hours, it might be easier to explain what doesn’t happen in Avengers: Endgame instead of what does. For instance, fans don’t get bored. Fans don’t get up to use the bathroom. And fans don’t ever want it to end. But it did end and we’re here to explain what that ending was all about. Here’s the ending of Avengers: Endgame explained…with lots of spoilers ahead.

After returning from their various missions to different past moments from the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Avengers grouped back up with the six infinity stones in tow. But Black Widow was missing, as she sacrificed herself to retrieve the Soul Stone. It all goes down in a scene that mirrored the death of Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War.

The new and improved Professor Hulk who has the combined might of the Hulk with the intellect of Bruce Banner used the recreated Infinity Gauntlet to reverse Thanos’ snap, bringing back all the people who were erased from existence in Avengers: Infinity War. But though he tried, it couldn’t return Natasha to life.

It may seem weird that a guy with an all-powerful wishing glove still couldn’t undo this one major death. But Black Widow’s absence at the end of the film proves that the Infinity Stones aren’t quite as infinite as their name would suggest. Of course, that doesn’t mean our heroes can’t find a way to pluck her out of the past and send her back to the future.

Okay, so here’s where things get weird.

On their trip back to 2014 to get the Power Stone seen in the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy our timeline’s Nebula was captured by Thanos, who secretly replaced her with the evil 2014 version of Nebula.

Having infiltrated the Avengers headquarters, evil Nebula then summoned 2014 Thanos and his armies using the time machine. They blew everything up, with evil Nebula getting ahold of the new Infinity Gauntlet in a callback to the original comics.

But then the good Nebula from the real timeline shot her younger evil self stone dead. Luckily, this didn’t affect the good Nebula at all. So what does that mean? It proves our heroes’ pasts can’t be changed and that alternate universes are probably something the MCU is going to need to sort out in Phase 4.

With the Infinity Gauntlet once again in play, the Avengers fought Thanos to a standstill, including an absolutely epic sequence where Captain America gained the powers of Thor by wielding the mystic hammer Mjonir [MYOL-neer] to deliver a massive whooping, something which was first teased way back in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Still, Thanos eventually called in the cavalry by which we mean the intergalactic horde of creeps we saw back in Avengers: Infinity War.

Luckily, the Hulk’s reverse snap had also restored all the dusted heroes from Avengers: Infinity War. Just as Captain America was about to face the armies of Thanos alone again echoing a classic moment from the comics all the dead heroes arrived via Doctor Strange’s magic portals in a scene reminiscent of the end of Ready Player One. Only… better.

Plus, the arrival of all the heroes allowed Captain America to finally deliver the team’s signature catchphrase from the comics, “Avengers Assemble!,” something fans have been waiting for for the last decade, especially after Marvel did a fakeout tease at the end of Age of Ultron.

In the end, you knew it had to come down to Tony Stark versus Thanos for the fate of the universe. After all, the showdown had been teased way back in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

And luckily, Tony was clued in to his big chance because Doctor Strange was there to give him the finger. No, not that finger just an index finger to note that this was the one chance in 14 million for victory that he had foreseen in Avengers: Infinity War. Keep watching the video to see the ending of Endgame explained!

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The reverse snap | 0:20
Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly | 1:11
Avengers Assemble! | 1:52
Tony’s sacrifice | 2:51
Captain America’s first dance | 3:54
Thor’s choice and the Guardians’ search | 4:43
What does this mean for the future of the MCU? | 5:18

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78 Responses

  1. Looper says:

    Oh wow! What’s your favorite scene from Endgame? That one that really got to you?

  2. ashwin thomas says:

    Does this mean Thor will star in Gaurdians of the galaxy 3

    • ArunRaj Abraham says:

      Hopefully, he does!!!!!

    • John says:

      +El Mantishrimp wow you’re smart!

    • joey peabody says:

      not ‘star’ but will be in it – well they will need someone to trade who’s the fattest jokes with Quill and also Marvel and Disney are probably not finished turning the Thor character into a total joke – well more of a joke than they already have – remember ALL the original characters have to be gotten rid of so Cap. Marvel and the women hero’s can shine – and they can’t kill them all off – Cap. America is gone to the past – Iron Man dead – Black Widow dead – Hulk reduced to a pathetic pointless character and Thor just comic side kick – so cue Captain Marvel and the Women – of course Marvel and Disney will never do the same to the new characters – they will always be perfect

    • noor rahik says:

      Asgardians of galaxy

    • King Señor Ali says:

      joey peabody can you go back to a basic English class and learn how to write a coherent sentence? Thanks

  3. James Deus says:

    Doctor strange: is that everyone?
    Wong:What you want more?

  4. Khai Waffi says:

    2018: Bring me THANOS!!!!

    2019: Bring me bir!!!

  5. Siddhant Kavathekar says:

    Best Part
    Tony:- I love U 3000…….

  6. Omnisme says:

    Korg: Thor he’s back. That kid on the TV just called me a dickhead again.
    Thor: *Noobmaster…*

  7. Just Gym It says:

    Scarlet Witch: You took EVERYTHING from me!
    Thanos: I don’t even know you ??‍♂️

  8. Md Asad says:

    The best thing in the movie was Thor saying “I know he was worthy” after Captain weilded the Mjölnir.

  9. Corrupted Hero says:

    Thor: Yeah sure you’re the boss Quill
    *proceeds to swipe the map without permission*

  10. Freddy Fashridjal says:

    Didn’t expect Doctor Strange’s final line in Infinity War had much more meaning to it

  11. Harshit kaushik says:

    Thor: i m the only one who can hold Mjolnir!
    *Age of ultron*
    Vision :hold my beer.
    Captain: hold my beer
    Thor:hold your empty glass

    Wow so much likes ,4 first time!

  12. soggy bread639 says:

    Anyone gonna talk about the epic shot where cap was literally standing alone in front of the entire army of thanos before the others arrived

  13. Ray Griff says:

    Anyone else notice Scott Lang’s daughter went from like 8 to 20 In the span of five years?

  14. Darren Phelps says:

    The truth is……I am iron man.
    R.I.P TONY STARK. Thanks Robert,for everything.

    • Emiliano Rabre says:

      Dude can‘t you understand that this is a film?

    • Mason Bossendorfer says:

      Emiliano Rabre well he can.. but the fact that he has been raised with this shit for years and then it goes like that- it’s pretty sad tbh.

    • Emiliano Rabre says:

      Mason Bossendorfer everyone has to live with it, you can‘t like the same thing your whole life. Marvel will drop new films about other caracters, which you will eventually like

    • Genexsis Genexsis says:

      +Emiliano Rabre Don’t be that guy

    • Darren Phelps says:

      +Emiliano Rabre dude chill,im not having a spaz attack over it,just wanted to say something kind about the guy who played a character who i loved and helped create a universe I love,dont be that guy

  15. Siddhant Kavathekar says:

    As the time passes next generations will forget about Tony Stark

    But Not us… Not us!

    • Robert Jones says:

      @joey peabody. Doesn’t matter. It’s MARVEL, not Fox, Sony or WB/DC. Has MARVEL done anything wrong yet? No? That’s what I thought! Sit your ass down boy!

    • The Dark Night says:

      +Ramen Noodles it’s Not Just A Movie, It’s A Emotion A Feeling Which Is Linked To Every Marvel Fan, You Must Be A DC Guy!!!

    • Ramen Noodles says:

      +The Dark Night I’ve watched since iron man 1 and have loved every movie, but it feels like he would watch all the movies for free and let his mother die if he had the choice or sum shit

    • Ramen Noodles says:

      +Robert Jones I didn’t say anything bad about iron man lmao, he’s my favourite super hero, I said it’s movie, it’s not real life.
      These people didn’t save the world irl
      And you probably have Noodle ass arms anyway

    • evo eve evo says:

      +Robert Jones iron man is bad man
      Iron man is sucks
      Iron man is a fool
      Iron man has no penis
      Iron man is a bitch
      Iron man is Thanos slut
      Iron man sucks Thanos penis

      Hot me man hit me

  16. Lebron James says:

    Thor and Valkyrie’s timeline branched off to Men in Black.

    • Hrutik Kambli says:

      +TheSlimmshadyy I don’t know why but the time travelling of MCU and the other universe’s time travel ideas are different Like take for DC’s, you change past it effects future same goes for all the movies or show’s that shows that time travel effects the future if you make any changes in past but somehow its way too different for MCU and now i don’t think they will ever do a time traveling thing again?

    • TheSlimmshadyy says:

      +Hrutik Kambli yes they have different concepts. For example there was a movie called The Time machine which gave the message that you cannot change the past no matter what. What has happened will find a way to happen again. What seems more logical to me is that changing the past will alter the future, if it were ever possible. The avengers really messed with time and things must have happened differently than they did before. For eg. did Loki die in this new timeline ?

    • Reuben Roa says:

      +Kawika Lo lol kids movie? Maybe the comic theme would support this claim but my two boys surely could not sit through three hours of a heavily dialogue driven film. I saw it without them because I knew they wouldnt last.

    • UweGooey says:

      men AND women in black!! sigh…

    • Fidel Salcedo says:

      +Hrutik Kambli they work like dragonball’s time travel, where another timeline is created. In mcu, another “path” is created when you took one of the IS, as explained by past holder of time stone.

  17. Blue TDG says:

    Thanos: I am the inevitable
    Tony Stark: and I…. Am Ironman ?

  18. Bhanu J says:

    Doctor Strange : ?
    Tony Stark : Dies as a HERO

  19. Yash Nayakawadi says:

    This isn’t an explanation…this is just summary of the whole movie

  20. Fikri Fadillah says:

    I lost it when Captain America whispered at the elevator “Hail Hydra”

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