The Ending Of It: Chapter Two Explained

The Ending Of It: Chapter Two Explained

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How well does the sequel to 2017’s It adapt Stephen King’s classic novel while tying up all the loose ends from the first installment? Let’s roll up our sleeves, wade into the sewers and dig into the details of how the saga ends. This is the ending of It: Chapter Two explained.

And before you open the door labeled “very scary,” be warned: Spoilers await you.

Stephen King’s novel It isn’t just the story of a creepy clown terrorizing some kids and then returning to do it all over again when they’re adults. There’s a whole cosmology to the saga, which includes a giant, godlike turtle that coughed up the known universe when it had a tummy ache. Aside from a few subtle nods here and there, the movies mostly sidestep the ancient, interdimensional mythology of the book, but one element does show up in It: Chapter Two – the true form of It.

When he goes to visit the Shokopiwah tribe and takes one of their vision-granting concoctions, Mike learns that It came to Earth in a meteor strike that left a crater in Derry, and is made up of “Deadlights,” mostly orange but sometimes-blue spheres of light of immense power. Though the lights can be seen in brief moments in the first film, It appears entirely as deadlights as Chapter Two reaches its climax, and even after taking on other forms, the deadlights are still visibly powering the creature, becoming increasingly weaker as the Losers literally bring It down to size.

It’s true form is revealed because the Losers perform the Ritual of Chüd, a ceremony that differs pretty wildly in the movie from the way it works in the book. The movie’s take on the ritual involves each member of the club burning a “token” of his or her childhood and reciting a chant to make the Deadlights turn dark, then trapping the Deadlights inside a pyramid-shaped relic Mike stole.

The ritual is the key to defeating It in the book, though it takes two tries 27 years apart. But the Losers’ attempt essentially fails in the movie, at least at first. That’s because it’s revealed Mike lied to everyone in an attempt to simply bring them all back together. The ritual wasn’t successful before when the Native Americans tried to do it, and it doesn’t kill It when the Losers try it this time, either. At least, not until they’ve gone through the wringer just a little bit more so they can truly overcome the fears that feed It. Keep watching the video to see the ending of It: Chapter Two explained!

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Deadlights | 0:23
The Ritual of Chüd | 1:27
Childhood fears, adult anxieties | 2:21
The hypochondriac cuts loose | 3:24
Brotherly baggage | 4:17
Home at last | 5:06
The end of obsession | 6:09
Scars of the past | 7:20

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111 Responses

  1. Looper says:

    How did you like IT: Chapter Two?

  2. Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández says:

    The Real McKoy: They got your $15 you fool, haha!

  3. Cole Lynch says:

    It Chapter One: *Time to float*

    It Chapter Two: *TIME TO SINK*

  4. Antonella says:

    Bill Skarsgård was the best pick for Pennywise.

  5. Panic! At beebo says:

    I always enjoy these videos about IT, keep it up!

  6. S.E. Sander says:

    Dude, just carry around a pet turtle and the killer clown will leave you alone. Problem solved! ?

  7. Erik DeMann says:

    Would’ve made more sense if Eddie were scared of obese dominating moms..
    Now, there’s a version of Pennywise you don’t even want to think about.

  8. Scott Hildenbrand says:

    C.H.U.D? Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers?

    Good movie.

  9. GamerBros says:

    It was a good film, preferred the first one. I’m just sad about we won’t see anymore of Pennywise. He was so fucking cool

  10. Daniel Fee33 says:

    Bill skarsgard is a beast, he went through so much for this role! Major props!

    • Rob Metal fan says:

      Makayla Marie what the flying fuck are you talking about bill Skarsgård is Pennywise ….: his voice is Pennywise so wtf are you talking about he didn’t use the exact same voice as it chapter 1 he did but also changed some things to different tones of voice etc all of it was his voice or else it would have said different in the credit s

    • Kitco The Ghost Wizard says:

      Hope he didn’t suffer a mental illness like Heath was.
      RIP Heath Ledger.

    • ARCEUS 777 says:

      Rob Metal fan according to ur profile picture ur a couch, not a fan

    • Gavin Hurring says:

      There is something impressive about unassuming actors playing scary clowns.

    • FyreBlastkin says:

      @Rob Metal fan nope, he had never done contortionist work before IT. He worked with a contortionist to pull that scene off. Also, Pennywise was voiced by Bill in this movie as well.

  11. Zachary Belke says:

    Damn movie just drops and mf allredy out her telling endings

  12. yash budwal says:

    If they wanted to go full heavy into pennywise’s origins, it would turn into a sci-fi movie and not a horror movie

  13. H Boogie says:

    It would be interesting if there was a Pennywise origin story.

  14. thefatman69fude says:

    The first film is all about overcoming childhood fears. The second film is all about over coming trauma and regrets and bad memories.

  15. Ur2ez4me81 says:

    Should have these films into a trilogy… Just too much source material to cram in two films. Heck a trilogy would be pushing it.

    • Eric Marquette says:

      Ur2ez4me81 would’ve made a killing in profits tbh.

    • Phoebe Neilsen says:

      Yeah I definitely think there was a lot of material in the book but it also makes sense to have it be two movies since the book itself is pretty strongly divided into the part when they’re kids and the part when they’re adults

    • Ur2ez4me81 says:

      @Phoebe Neilsen It does but it doesn’t. Didn’t really get emotionally attached to the kids /losers in the first film like I did in the mini series. Too many changes for me & it felt rushed. The actors themselves are good & Bill S. did a amazing job as Pennywise. For me it just came to the directing / budgeting but they aren’t terrible films. Just sucks b/c the story itself is amazing, def could have been done much better…

  16. Abraham Rivera says:

    I didn’t like how Pennywise was defeated, So the Losers defeated him with their words? Cuz they hurt his feelings? Smh

    • Unity 0 says:

      @konanoobiemaster And what? Should I like the premise of the book? Of course not … It still seems like a crap. And here I am talking only about the movie and not about the book. No one said you should read the book before watching the movie…

    • Waluigi Waluigi says:

      Abraham Rivera penny wise lives on fear, when the adults don’t find penny wise scary anymore he dies, read the book before you comment dumbass

    • Tom Gawlinski says:

      @Judge Wilson how is he in dark tower

    • konanoobiemaster says:

      @Unity 0 because the movie is an homage TO THE BOOK!!!!!!

    • ParadoxCoaster says:

      Abraham Rivera it wasn’t because they hurt his feelings. the adults overcame what pennywise is, and what he tries to do and used that against him, making him small compared to them

  17. zach taylor says:

    I loved the movie but the ending could’ve been more creative. Basically they beat It by insulting it

  18. Tony says:

    Anyone one else haven’t seen the movie but watching this ?

  19. Paul Schneider says:

    “You lied, and I died! YOU LIED AND I DIED!!!”

  20. dirtslinger4c says:

    The Stephen King cameo was a good touch

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