The entire defense was fooled 😳 | #shorts

The entire defense was fooled 😳 | #shorts

The entire defense was fooled 😳 | #shorts

(via @Hudl)


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25 Responses

  1. Moo Mook says:

    The fact that they watch them do it an didn’t tackle the people who faked it blows me they jus looked confused

  2. HUMAN AI says:

    Bobby Boucher screaming down the field! Touchdown Mr. Coach Klein!!!

  3. Mario Castillo says:

    The best trick play I’ve ever seen. It was so jarring, the defense didn’t even think to tackle. It just became a game of “which cup has the ball underneath?”

  4. ChanMan405 says:

    This play is being brought to you by: GOOD BLOCKING and a DUMB DEFENSE

  5. Joe Rodriguez says:

    I think the NFL should make it mandatory for all games to have at least 3 trick plays per team in every game. 😁

  6. Carlos Montes says:

    If the coach thought about this, which I’m sure he did- He’s a genius

  7. Justin Knight says:

    My coach woulda made us crab walk hills if we allowed that😂there’s a reason the kickoff team is called the “suicide squad”. U run full speed, full power and hope to god u don’t die😂

  8. junior D. says:

    I would love to see this in the NFL at least once.

  9. Cow Crazy says:

    That was priceless. The defense was like “who has the ball? Which way do we even go?” LOL. I love it. Great job and great coach.


    Bruh I never thought I would see an actual play from Eyeshield 21 and that it would actually work so effectively. Hiruma is an actual genius.

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