THE ETERNALS | 2019 Marvel Comic Con Panel (Angelina Jolie, Selma Hayek, Richard Madden, Don Lee)

THE ETERNALS | 2019 Marvel Comic Con Panel (Angelina Jolie, Selma Hayek, Richard Madden, Don Lee)

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70 Responses

  1. Rick RoLi says:

    Salma tho ? and Angelina in a superhero movie!!!!! Cast looks amazing I must learn more about the eternals lol

  2. speechy_keen says:

    Kumail is looking JACKED! All that time with Dave is paying off 😛

  3. Gabs Sterling says:

    At least we still having a Stark in the MCU…?

    • Shädman the edgelord says:

      Gabs Sterling were*

      But still I can’t believe he’s gone 10 years of marvel and now comes another ten years

    • Gabs Sterling says:

      @Shädman the edgelord that’s true, this year’s Comic Con feels a little empty without Robert ?

  4. missGuidedme says:

    we actually have angelina and salma in one movie. THE POWER.

  5. Checka Minute says:

    the korean guy is from train from busan?

  6. Colin Janssen says:

    Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek in the MCU?!
    Can we get Catherine Zeta Jones in the MCU as well?!
    Either way, it’s gonna be great <3

  7. Ankur Saikia says:

    Angelina is playing Thena, I thought she was gonna play Cersi

    • Bajan Samurai says:

      @MR X I’m sensing that they’re not putting Sersi in this, but I was hoping she would be front and center (with Icarus) as the one to possibly branch out to an Avengers team eventually. Oh well. Still looks like it’ll be an interesting group of characters and I’m really liking this cast.

    • Thomas Mees says:

      Bajan Samurai they’re not done casting

    • Sean says:

      Angelina literally looks like Thena from the comics imo

    • MrRandomRobot says:

      I think she fits better as Thena, but I thought Salma would be Sersi, since she looks latin lol

    • T800 Cyberdyne says:

      @MrRandomRobot Ajak is a man spirite little kid is boy and makkari is not a woman is a man in comics

  8. Ge Line says:

    Can I just say the way Angeline Jolie entered, I mean, such a lady, such class like in the presence of the queen. ?❤️?

  9. Ki Adi Mundi says:

    Everyone: OMG Angelina jolie

    ME: look its the Train to Busan guy (Don Lee)!!!

  10. samm s says:

    seeing the lady in red…makes my world full of warm sunshine…she looks so heartwarming.
    Edit : Thank you for the likes everyone wow heheh

  11. Donie Redwine says:

    next project marvel:

    Keanu reeves and Gong Yoo for MCU

  12. Robert Tinoco says:

    Salma Hayek AND Angelina Jolie in a movie together?? Dreams really do come true ??

  13. A Korean guy passing by says:

    So the guy sacrificed himself while protecting passengers from zombie’s attact in “Train to Busan” has resurrected into the “god”

  14. j.d. cor says:

    It’s not surprising that Angelina Jolie decided to be a part of MCU since she has a long history of Disney films

  15. Muti 99 says:

    Never in a million years that i would think angelina jolie would be a part of mcu lmao

    • kujinsan26 says:

      Well with maleficent she’s had a resume with Disney. I’m sure it was easy to bring her on board. I knew it would happen eventually.

    • pa ho says:

      After Endgame, I’m pretty sure almost all the actors would want to join the MCU

    • Youlo King says:

      @pa ho no, leonardo dicaprio, tom hanks, denzel washington or others big names are not the kind of actors who would join the mcu. The mcu is a blockbuster market where most actors who join are mostly old high class celebrities ( Michael Douglas, Robert Redford) or other who want to gain or regain fame like RDJ who had problems in the movie industry, Chris hemsworth who was unknown before Thor or Chris Evans who also wasn’t a big names. The MCU is a last resort kind a thing for Hollywood celebrities who don’t have others project so instead they go for the big cheque.

    • Justin Helmuth says:

      @Youlo King I didn’t say they needed to be, just that they inevitably will be

    • Youlo King says:

      @Justin Helmuth i don’t think so

  16. kakekobo says:

    Man the casts got chemistry! Mcu just got better

  17. greg ap says:

    Kumail is taking the role seriously, he is looking buff

  18. Jatin Bhatnagar says:

    Forget Angelina Jolie, its THA KING IN THA NAUTH!

  19. Ultra Hyper Ham & Cheese says:

    Wait! Angelina Jolie and Ma Dong Seok in the MCU? What a time to be alive!!

  20. hell is lit af says:

    Bruh the mcu just got crazy bringing on Angelina Jolie

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