The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

Why is the refugee crisis all over the news? How is this related to Syria? Why should we care at all?

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The economist, Time Magazine

The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

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20 Responses

  1. tan yushing (Ze 4w3ome tys) says:

    This can potentially be the best political opportunity for europe the make
    up ties with the middle east and arab states by accepting refugees, but by
    immediately ruling out that they do not want syrian refugees, europe might
    instead piss off the arabs just like they have been doing in the last
    century. I am asian by the way and is no part affected by the refugee
    crisis so I might be taking a superficial stance.

  2. allthesepeoplearevampires says:

    Everyone needs to see this

  3. megaregigigas111 says:

    Here in Denmark we recently actually gave refugees free train rides to get
    them out of the way because some wouldn’t leave the train and such

  4. epic_kitty_lover489 says:

    im australian and im sad about how litle we are contibuting

  5. Samy Hadera says:

    I wish everyone was like this guy :(

  6. Bryan Shockey says:

    great ending

  7. Freak159753 says:

    so the channel respond comments by making strawman fallacy calling others
    “racist” for disagreeing with it? then might I call then nazis, since this
    channel is from germany.
    seems that nazi germany wasn’t succesful to destroy europe in WWII and now
    are bringing another plan to destroy europe with islam.
    those damn german nazis, we should have exterminated all of them when we
    had the chance.

  8. 009a2 says:

    My problem with the refugees is: why are there mostly man? Why did they
    leave the women behind? Or what happend to them?

  9. Lord Pennysworth Von Higglesby says:

    OMG guys, this comment section is a racist hell. people are arguing against
    helping refugees and only bringing up one source and saying things like
    “europe shouldn’t have to do anything” . I have officially lost faith in

  10. robi leybin says:

    First thing’s first- unsubscribed! And now for the real deal, are u fucking
    stupid? Half of these people belong to ISIS that took dead peoples
    passports and got into EU waiting for orders. You probable never saw a
    Muslim family with 8 children, each of them will have another eight and I
    don’t need to tell you- after that you are fucked. So a boy found dead in
    Turkey, big deal, hundreds of boys die every week in Syria and no one gives
    a fuck! Stop being A hypocrite dick and do something about it in Syria. I
    have no idea where you are now, but if it’s somewhere in Europe good luck
    getting your head torn off by an Islamic crazed teenager who didn’t get his
    beer that morning. I live in a place that allows these shitbags do whatever
    they want (Israel) and I fucking suffer every day. Now you try being afraid
    getting on a bus or a train, going to the mall or just going to Jerusalem
    without getting a rock to the head, just because a bunch of Muslims think
    they can and the government does nothing about it because they are
    “minority”. Have fun with those animals “who will help your economy”.
    Europe is going to hell…!!!

  11. Ev an says:

    taking refugee is a remarkable thing. If a country wants to aid, invite the
    many with welcoming please. however, If they just gave temporary food and
    shelter in their “homeland”, it would just mean a repeated cycle of back to
    back poverty.

  12. Kaloian Pavlov says:

    awesome bullshit propaganda.. everyone is thinking of these refugees as
    their own neighbours or friends, and no one is realizing the fact that they
    come from a totally different social,religious and ethical background.. to
    put some perspective go in a country in the desert with a different
    religion that to you restricts your basic human rights, be required to wear
    a hijab around your head if you’re a woman (also have no rights as a woman)
    have a totally different social setting, no democracy and don’t speak the
    language… and now you HAVE TO change your ” democratic ways” to adapt to
    that society..that’s what we think those people are going to do totally

  13. Sergio Avila says:

    As a former Club president in my high school, in California , I would be
    more than happy to show this peace of information to my World Politics Club
    and “spread the word”. I extremely enjoy this videos and understand 100%
    since I have many friends from the Middle East.

  14. Andrea Mitti Rua' says:

    I think that this “refugee problem” can be stopped only by the E.U.
    combined and not by single states taking initiative. The European
    Commission shoul impose itself over governments which are disrispecting
    E.U. law. Hungary is building walls and disprespecting human rights, why is
    the Commission doing nothing? Germany, Austria, Holland, Croatia closed
    their borders. UK only accepted 20000 people and even France is not so good
    after all since they allowed only 24000 people but when Italian government
    asked help to Paris the french police was sent to the italian border in
    response. And the problems is not only about 2015. Everyone is now schoked
    about this crisis but is nothing new! Have you already forgotten the Libian
    crisis? There were plenty of Libian refugees in Italy, Malta and Greece.
    Border states like Austria and French sent once again police to their
    European Union is a good thing, thr best thing we did since the end of WW2
    but today is not enough. We have rules, we have solution but no one who
    makes sure those rules are respected. Europe needs nowadays a stronger
    political union, a Federation of states ruled by only one govern in
    Bruxelles is what why need for this, and many other, situation

  15. GreenTree says:

    I’m pretty sure you spelled Libya wrong, unless you spell it differently in
    your country of course! Other than than I think this is a great video!!!

  16. Paul van Druten says:

    Good scientific lecture

  17. SamuelEdi80 says:

    So, u tell me that 8.1 muslim fertility rate in europe compared to 1,3/1,4
    fertility rate of european countries wont make Europe a islamic state in
    some decades? Hmmm … and what about the cities they destroyed in italy
    and france? Doesnt look like they need help, look more that they want to
    conqueer us! What about the muslims that rape womans, abuse and call them
    “bitc*s” just because they doesnt have head covering and IN EUROPE! Lets be
    realistic, your video is pure fantasy, maybe 5% of them are good people…

  18. NuclearCha0s says:

    Finally a good AND objective view on the topic an you retards start calling
    it propaganda.

  19. WASSABiii says:

    We should really really challenge and push the other middle eastern
    countries to take them in!

  20. Le Sir Dodz says:

    I don’t know why but when you mentioned the dead boy that was found on the
    Shore I started crying :'(