The Evolution of Barbie | Barbie

The Evolution of Barbie | Barbie

Imagination comes in all shapes and sizes. That’s why the world of Barbie is evolving. See the inspiration behind the new dolls and meet the team that made it possible. Learn more at #TheDollEvolves

Directed by Rory Kennedy


About Barbie:
For over 55 years, Barbie has been a conduit to imagination and self-discovery for young girls. After almost 150 inspirational careers, Barbie – along with her friends and family – continues to inspire and encourage the next generation of girls that anything is possible.

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20 Responses

  1. Sup? says:

    but the facial features are still euro-centric

  2. Sarah Joslyn-O'Rourke says:

    I wish I had these dolls when I was younger

  3. Alexa Rendon says:

    I’m really excited about this!

  4. 神風Terrorist says:

    What’s next emo barbie? Gypsy barbie? Arab barbie?

  5. ozoneic says:


  6. Jasmine Ramirez says:


  7. piper squyres says:

    me and my friend where just talking about this. its nice to see yall making
    new shapes and sizes i mean these little girls see the perfect bodys on
    these barbies and think shes perfect i have to be like that. and with the
    new sizes they will feel happier about there bodies im 14 and i appreciate
    what yall r doing

  8. Ngozi Ifeoma says:

    love it!

  9. Theresa Christy says:

    Now if we should get Trump to evolve.

  10. Marv Roberts says:

    Now, where is ‘Dad-Bod Ken’ ?

  11. Zin Plays Minecraft says:

    I like the idea of natural looking barbies. I think each doll should have
    specific names. Only if there was a “build your own barbie” so the doll can
    look like the owner.

  12. j1 bito says:

    I feel like there should’ve been some boys in the video💖

  13. disney panda says:

    what i really like about this is that they’re not all the same and they
    aren’t promoting anything that’s un- healthy! like the one that’s the most
    curvy is not over weight and she has a healthy look 🙂 so it is also
    promoting healthy looks :)

  14. 2 Kids Go! says:

    We are very excited for this Barbie! Can’t wait to pick them up, review and
    play with them!

  15. Corinthia Zimmerman says:

    I don’t think Barbie is the problem. I think most people are hypocritical
    and the reason why the company is a billion-dollar corporation well before
    their recent acquiescence to the petty inclinations of this pc generation
    is because these fakers don’t put their money where their mouth is and buy
    thr skinny dolls they say are so damaging. I’ll be very interested to see
    how the sales of the new dolls do, the ball is now (or still) in the
    consumer’s court.

  16. jessica says:

    the last girl made me break aa tear

  17. GreenApple300 says:

    This is amazing I mean personally I never really played with barbies I was
    more Polly pockets…so though I have a question are the clothes you buy
    for the dolls will they fit all the dolls shapes or will there be sizes now

  18. FaZe Sanic says:

    Lol they’re children’s toys

  19. Elizabeth Figge says:


  20. sule torres says:

    Thats super nice, good job guys