The Evolution Of Super Mario (ANIMATED)

The Evolution Of Super Mario (ANIMATED)

Mario is a video game legend, but just how has the stumpy Italian plumber evolved? From the Donkey Arcade Game to the latest film, let’s go through Super Mario’s Notable Video Game, TV, and Movie appearances to find out…animated!

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Script, Design and Animation:
Aaron Lecours

Stanton Nichols

Script Revisions / Editing Assistance:
Gal Rigg-Anafi

Design Assistance:
Greco Westermann

Mario Voice Actor:
Lachlan Lucas

Music Used:

Opening Stinger:
Enuff Para Mi – Jingle Punks

Happy Kids by DmitriyMorf / search code: 25794624 (Licensed Through AudioJungle)

End Slate:
Disco Cat – Komiku

Sounds Used With Credit (From Freesounds):

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35 Responses

  1. Tell It Animated says:

    ► Let’s-A GO!! Can you imagine if any of those earlier Mario designs became his main design? haha
    ►► Check out other animations here: 🙂
    ►►► Next up: a character the Patrons voted on! Check out the community page to see what it could possibly be

  2. ToonyTom21 says:

    Fun fact: Mario was originally conceived as a middle aged man and then over the years got younger and younger.
    Currently our favorite Italian plumber is around 24 years old

  3. Fletcher Reed says:

    You guys HAVE to do Sonic. He’s become slightly infamous for how many times he’s been redesigned, and it would be really fun to see all of his designs from the games, cartoons and movies animated like this.

    • chris ellison says:

      oh good GOD i would love to see an Evolution Of Sonic The Hedgehog!

    • Mimi J says:

      in fact they should not only sonic but also tails and knuckles also amy and shadow you get my point

    • Max King Joe says:

      @Cisco Jacobo absolutely no! I know it your opinions but this bad ideas because this three shows based on archie comics and how all toxic fandom was started with too many stupid Americans! Everybody will thinks this was forgotten characters and this destroyed sonic characteristics! 😠😧😬

    • Max King Joe says:

      No no I don’t like putting satam and adventure of sonic because they have the worst finale ever! Not to mention this how the toxic fandom started and also knowing everything!

    • Z3R0 says:


  4. fireaza says:

    You guys really knocked it out of the park with matching the animation styles used between each version! I’d like to see you guys try more video game characters, since they often change a fair bit between older games requiring a more simplified design, to straight-up reboots.

    • Gianpaolo Bellanova says:


      Aaron: With hundreds of spin-off games…

      Me: such as: Smash Bros Brawl (teaser trailer), Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Super Mario Maker…

      Aaron: never-ending parodies…

      Me: such as: Family Guy, Simpsons and commercials of SNL and Mercedes Benz…

      Aaron: Mario isn’t going anywhere in pop culture.

  5. [GB_726] says:

    The animation throughout the entire video is just phenomenal!

  6. Starweb says:

    This animation is SO GOOD! You perfectly captured all the fun and playfulness of each Mario adventure. Such a nostalgic journey! I’m definitely looking forward to more video game evolutions 🌟

  7. Val Mid says:

    *It is also surprising that Peter Cullen, the legendary top tier voice of Optimus Prime, was the first one to voice Mario. Who would ever knew that these red and blue characters can be iconic!*

  8. Bustos says:

    The way you captured the movement of the older games is perfection

    • American McGee’s Collins says:

      @Tell It Animated do bowser next

    • Viní Mota says:

      ​@Tell It Animated Makes the Panic saga only reanimated

    • Ayden Phomprida says:

      @Tell It Animated can you do the evolution of Bowser?

    • Gianpaolo Bellanova says:

      ​​​​@Tell It Animated *BONUS*
      Aaron: In Nintendo High, Mario’s moustache are removed, he wears a red shirt with a hoddie, brown shoes with a M symbol. In the season 1 finale, he wears a black and red Homecoming suit with a silver tied and red shoes. In the 2nd season, has a dark red shirt, a red jacket with a badge, blue jeans and he wears brown shoes to comparing his game version and in the Halloween special episode, he wears a Van Helsing inspired outfit.

    • PIBBY says:

      do sonic evolution!

  9. LackLuster says:

    You handled the character design evolution who was mainly introduced in games surprisingly well, even including box-art and in-game sprites and polygonal models. I l’m truly impressed and I’d like to see the other game characters’ design evolution

  10. Alcatraz JYH says:

    From the 8-Bit era to the recent movie, you have flawlessly captured all the fun and joy Super Mario has given us since 1981!

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