The exact moment I hit 4,000,000 subscribers

The exact moment I hit 4,000,000 subscribers

Thank you!

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58 Responses

  1. StrikerGames123 says:

    *hits 4 Million on April fools day*
    Here when he has 4,002,000

  2. JayAwesomeGames says:

    Well…time to unsubscribe


    You should do it in a fursuit for five million XD

  4. Nos Hyena says:


    • Madeline Oliver says:


      *Nеw gėnėratiоn IСО listing* . Tеlеgrȧm sсоrе, hуᵽė levеl, tėаm sсȯrė, ехреrt sсоrе, mеdiȧ scorė.

      А nėw tоkеn listing tо helр yȯu ехрlоrе рoᵽulаr ᵽrȯjeсts аt-а-glanc̣e. Fеȧturеs оnly tȯр-rаtėd оfferings sėleсtеd thrȯugh ėxсlusivеlу аggrеgаtėd key indiсatоrs likė Теlėgrаm аnd sосiȧl mеdiȧ hyр̣ė.

    • Barko The Larko says:


    • When u get banned from an holy minecraft server says:

      Nos Hyena BEGONE FURRY

    • amber vl9gs says:


    • Matthew Panini says:

      *F U C K I N G*
      *F U R R I E S*

  5. WackyTackyJoel says:

    When your girl giving you top

    APRIL FOOLS I’m single

  6. Shub Niggaruth says:

    This is april’s fool he don’t have 4,000,000 subscribers he has 4M

  7. StealUrBacon says:

    How bout you stop making this shit and do a godamn face reveal.

  8. Uni Pixels says:


  9. Gares says:

    “Ooooooo” “Ahhhhhhh” Ohhhhh :(” “Ahhhhh” “Ooooooo” “Ahhhhh” “Ohhhhh :(“

    • EDWARD Hohenheim says:

      Gares purnhub effect

    • Aleksandra Gavlovskaya says:

      🔴🔴🔴 *Ноt Тоkėns* [ ] *Hȯt Тоkеns* 🔴🔴🔴
      🔴🔴🔴 *Ноt Tȯkėns* [ ] *Ноt Тоkėns* 🔴🔴🔴
      🔴🔴🔴 *Ноt Tоkens* [ ] *Ноt Тȯkens* 🔴🔴🔴

      *Nеw gеnеratiоn IСO listing* . Теlеgram scоrе, hyре levеl, tеam scȯrе, ехреrt sсоrė, mėdiȧ scоrе.

      А nėw tоken listing tо helр indic̣аtоrs like Тėlеgrаm аnd sосiаl mediа hур̣е.

    • Kwan Hi Chia says:

      no u

    • Afaq Ali says:

      Gares damn straight

  10. SaWpeR says:


  11. Quách Hêng Tôny says:

    Jack and his subs count, still a better love story than twilight

  12. Finn Jake says:

    Really proud of you for hitting 400000 BOTS.🙃

  13. Vailskibum94 says:


  14. arvin bhattacharya says:

    funny april fools joke

  15. Raxader says:

    In German captions John laughing is considered [Musik]

  16. Lucas' Toy Chest says:

    Ooooooooooooooooooooo…..OOOOO! Awwwww….

    • Nona Ray says:


      *New gеnеrаtiоn IСO listing* . Теlėgrаm sсоrė, hурė lėvėl, tėаm sс̣оrе, ėхреrt sсоrė, mėdiа sсоrе.

      А nėw tokėn listing tо hеlp yоu ехр̣lȯrе рорulȧr р̣rоjėcts аt-а-glȧnсe. Feаturеs ȯnlу tоp̣-ratеd ȯffėrings sėlėсted thrȯugh еxсlusivėlу аggregatеd kėу indiсȧtors likė Тėlegrȧm and sосiаl media hуpė.

  17. EvinEdits says:

    This is definitely the funniest reaction I’ve seen of a YouTuber hitting a milestone

  18. Ozikk says:

    Today i’m gonna do a YIAY marathon,from the 1st YIAY,to the 403rd YIAY

    wish me luck..

  19. Lee Lanzini says:

    When you’re watching Infinity War…

  20. StarWarsGuy635 says:


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