The Family Behind Viral BBC Video Speaks Out

The Family Behind Viral BBC Video Speaks Out

In their first interview since their children interrupted a live BBC segment on Korean affairs, college professor Robert Kelly and his wife Kim Jung-A spoke to The Wall Street Journal about the circumstances, the chaos, and the global reaction to the now-legendary slapstick video. Photo: Miho Inada/The Wall Street Journal

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20 Responses

  1. The Witness says:

    If you watch closely between 0:10 and 0:12 the guy was about to do a “sieg hail” he is definitely a Nazi.

  2. Tonald Drump says:

    Guess what… WSJ is still garbage.

  3. ItsameAlex says:

    the way she walked in.. so much swag 🙂

  4. ALKEBU-LAN says:

    DAMN……. his wife got some strong ass genes!

  5. Mr. A says:

    That white race has just vanished from the kids..

  6. WeedConniseur says:

    Bruh ur wife is so beautiful

  7. Chan Cool says:

    His wife is very pretty and cute.

  8. David Gutierrez says:

    Why does an entire generation of young people hate the Wall Street Journal? Is it because it is fake news? Yes of course

  9. Studly goat-man says:

    WSJ I think pewdiepie is at it again. Go ruin his life.

  10. Case John says:

    when i saw the video i thought the wife was a nanny!………i feel like such a racist asshole!

  11. Pat Kneller says:

    Too bad WSJ didn’t let PewDiePie explain himself as well.

  12. Sarat R says:

    his kids are SO ADORABLE.i cant get mad at them if i was their father. ??
    the girl got swag

  13. Jim Brown says:

    This is why I need a minority girlfriend. They are just appreciative of having a decent life, so you can get a smoking hot minority girlfriend and feel safe. If you are American you have to bury your money in the back yard if you date or marry a Caucasian woman. lol

  14. Truelady2Anna says:

    This made my life

  15. Tony Crony says:

    Stop trying to make us forget about your Pewdiepie bullshit

  16. Mia says:

    Ok can someone please put them on ELLEN

  17. Charlie Clumsy says:

    WSJ are still nazis.

  18. Thomas Alias says:

    Pretty good video but disliking because it’s WSJ.

  19. davidc4897 says:

    Till this day I ask myself, why would anyone want to make a BBC video?

  20. Luis Garcia says:

    Is it me or does she have huge hands.

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