The Fantastic Randomly Appearing Mexican Float

The Fantastic Randomly Appearing Mexican Float

Jukin Media Verified (Original)
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Recorded from the front porch of a home in East Los Angeles in September 2015.

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20 Responses

  1. S Liss says:

    They look and sound great. You are lucky.

  2. TheHornet79 says:

    Fuck man. You don’t know how much this would make my day in the morning.

  3. Houkai Amplifier says:

    1080p, 60fps, shot horizontally. You’re doing god’s work son.

  4. Cheeky Kent says:

    scummy wetbacks

  5. Para socialDude says:

    Is this near the Jon’s on Santa Monica near the highway?

  6. Jose Martinez says:

    A taquero on board would’ve been a nice and delicious touch.

  7. Madrid07 _ says:

    LA best city in the world

  8. Miriam Hernandez says:

    +tigerfanman and what is Americans culture becoming obese, lazy, racist,
    and full of hatred? Please America doesn’t even have a culture!

  9. How To Make Sushi says:

    That never happens in front of mi casa

  10. TeaLeaf PG says:

    pretty bad ass, but still second to Conan O’breins Mad Max vehicle.

  11. oh k says:

    +Ludwig Von Cocksucker Strange huh? In a city called Los Angeles in a state
    called California not like they were never native here or anything, or the
    continent for that matter

  12. islam al mahdadi says:


  13. TheMusketITuckedIt says:

    My heart is filled with joy, and tacos.

  14. peter graf says:

    No you live in mexico

  15. Alfonso Valadez says:

    L.A is the capital of mexico

  16. NemRaps says:

    This “viral video” brought to you by *MetroPCS®*
    With plans including unlimited calls to Mexico*
    ¡Ay, caramba! that’s a good deal

    *Not for extended international use. You must reside in the USA and primary
    usage must occur on our US network. Service may be terminated or restricted
    for excessive roaming or misuse.

  17. Ali Pasha says:

    Deport them, quickly.

  18. amoreenaworld says:

    Trump supporters are looking at this right now and thinking, “Holy Crap,
    the Mexicans are now invading us with parade floats”

  19. gregbell76 says:

    Whatever they’re selling I’m buying

  20. rubber chicken says:

    How did this get past the Trump wall?