The Fastest Xbox of All Time

The Fastest Xbox of All Time

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The Xbox One X just isn’t powerful enough for us, so we decided to take matters into our own hands, creating a sleeper PC in an original Xbox chassis.

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44 Responses

  1. Spencer Martin Navarra Chew says:

    Why not use Steam in Big Picture to give a more console-like experience?

  2. Kyle Plant says:

    GameCube next????

  3. mrShazam says:

    oh man! I do love your channel! The work who you guys do there and the passion who give! grate work!

  4. Tranto says:

    “Nothing over the top”
    *just a RTX 2070*

  5. Sk Rahaman says:

    i dont know why , but in the geography lab of our school there’s a Original XBox…for no reason..also a PS1 accompanying that. it’s a total mystery though.

  6. KINGofficial says:

    Some1 has been watching Adam Savage`s one day builds

  7. Nick Billups says:

    You’ve made your original Xbox into a Windows 10 PC!

  8. mylo says:

    No Justin y. Yet…

  9. NaughtyRageHD says:

    Should’ve added in Xbox Original emulator and the ‘Duke’ controller 7/10

  10. Jorge Navarro says:

    Made A Sleeper With A Wii XD

  11. Robbin Milatz says:

    This was not clickbait.

    Good job Alex! Or should we call you… Bender?

  12. Ian Johnson says:

    i’m really liking all the “maker” content you guys have been adding lately

  13. Blandco says:

    Dang, I actually wanted to try out the cold brew coffee sponsor but it’s all sold out!

    • Aaron Newman says:

      The other cold brews on the site are not sold out it appears. Just the one linked in the video. Code still works for 40% off on those for me.

    • G Thomas says:

      I wanted to try out the cold brew coffee sponsor too, until I realised shipping to Canada cost more than the product itself

  14. MikeyTaylorGaming says:

    Epic. Nothing opened the doors to modder initiative more than the Original Xbox!

    This is taking it a step further than a chip and some homebrew media players though… How times have changed!

  15. Alistair Blaire says:

    I’m glad you guys are utilizing Alex’s skills much more. I also like his deadpan sense of humor.

  16. MaxReckless99 says:

    i just bought BROFORCE after watching this video…great game buy the way.

  17. Kadotus says:

    _”The fastest Xbox of All time you say?”_ ———- _”Hold my weed!”_ -Elon Musk, right before sending an xbox to space.

  18. EFormance Engineering says:

    You should call it the eX-Box

  19. Rhys Sandstrom says:

    Everyone even a little into machining: “oooooh blue Dykem*

  20. John TV //Random Videos says:

    Now all you need is a Duke controller.

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