The FBI came to visit me today about Nikolas Cruz

The FBI came to visit me today about Nikolas Cruz

Nikolas Cruz made a comment in one of my videos a few months ago about wanting to be a school shooter. Today’s unfortunate events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida may have been what he was planning. Here’s the story.

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54 Responses

  1. POLO tv says:

    WOW that’s crazy man

  2. Jeff James says:

    Wow, that’s crazy.

  3. The Bohemian Hunting Club says:

    Dang, good job on reporting it. Sad what happened.

  4. lucas _sch says:

    What a coincidence. Many people tend to leave edgy comments like that, but this commenter was real. Thank you for trying to report it

  5. Jeremy Yamma says:

    Ben, I came across your video trying to find out more info.. but check this out……..this guy made a threat on a video game chat channel two weeks ago. He said he was going to shoot up a school in Pittsburgh when asked. BUT THE CALL WAS TRACED TO BROWARD COUNTY!! Did cops have this guy two weeks ago? The news stories about it do not identify the dude- I am from Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh school went on high security!! DID THE COPS HAVE THIS GUY PRIOR TO THIS? Please watch this video!!!

    • tomall_ says:

      Jeremy Yamma What is on the video? They removed it

    • Jeremy Yamma says:

      look at the news station video in my comment below- there is a portion of the original video on the newscast- be sure to watch the entire video- A man from BROWARD COUNTY FLORIDA made a school shooting threat (claiming Pittsburgh) TWO WEEKS AGO. They had a dude in for questioning. WAS IT NIKOLAS CRUZ?

    • tomall_ says:

      Jeremy Yamma can u link it? cant find it

  6. Suit & Tie Skater Guy says:

    This is sad but not uncommon. The Max train killer from Portland Oregon was reported to the police by yours truly, yet they didn’t act upon said report….

  7. dictare says:

    Holy Shit! I wasn’t that long ago that you could say stuff like that and it would be taken as a joke.

  8. bork laser says:

    You know you can easily find out what video he made the comment on, go to Creator Studio > Community > Search Comments > then type out his comment or search his name, it will pop up (assuming he or you didn’t delete the comment)

  9. Jorge Ortiz says:

    Some people are going to get in trouble over this. I see A BIG lawsuit due to this.

  10. Nikki Laney777 says:

    you did what you could do….. not many would have bothered….

  11. Aeos says:

    This is absolutely insane and deserves to get more recognition thanks for the video

  12. Charlie says:

    it’s like he was begging to be stopped by posting on Instagram and youtube. there should be a “no fly” list for internet crazy people that post terroristic threats online.

  13. kittykapow says:

    Wow. Good job on you, you really did the right thing. I’ll bet that if everyone he made those types of comments to had called the FBI this could have all been prevented. Just awful. The parents of those poor lost children will be playing the “If only” game for the rest of their lives.

  14. Time4 Truth says:

    So the FBI had this guy on their radar? Whoopsy.

  15. zyfo3000 says:

    You are a good man!

  16. Sue says:

    Ben you actually went above and beyond the call of duty reporting to YT and getting the FBI involved. The comment made by the now shooter was so mundane most people would have deleted it and carried on. You didn’t. You stopped, made a decision and made a difference. Good on you. Take care. Stand up for what you know is right. The world needs more “Ben’s” xo

    • DarknezzMadnezz says:

      he did, did it make a difference? No. without proper laws in place to prevent such things and better monitoring and investigation into these type of issues this will be a continuous shit fest. Personally I think the US is attempting to be #1 in murder rates compared to actual battle zones.

      Then again, all we will hear from politicians is “prayers and wishes to victims families” while completely ignoring the fact that they get millions each year from groups like the NRA to make sure no strict regulations and laws are put in place to prevent assholes and idiots from acquiring weapons. Instead their idea is “more weapons less violence” when in reality the opposite is true.

    • SlicksGaming says:

      “Made a difference.” Did it?

    • Raff says:

      So wait, is it the laws or is it failure of actual investigation/documentation?
      Prior to trump rolling back the mental health check bill, there were still mass shootings.

      This is a situation where it wasn’t taken seriously, nor was it actually documented which would’ve prevented him from buying last year.

  17. Lisa Patti says:

    Great job. After you reported it he should have been put on the watchlist. It was reported that he wasn’t on the watchlist. The school record, the social media posts, the comment. This shooting did not have to be.

  18. Marcus Möller says:

    Not shitting on what you said, just clarifying. He had no one around him , his mom died 3 months before the shooting and his dad died years before. Did I mention he was adopted?
    The kid was a trainwreck. With that said, you wont be able to ban 300 million firearms in the US. Legally, this is very hard to do, and even if this would go through which would literally be impossible, you would still have to consider that people can craft their own firearms for their own use. No registration or license needed. My friend owns a machine shop and crafts his guns.

    But even a person like myself, that appreciates the right to own firearms (when the right person owns them), think that you americans really need a proper test for mental illness before aquiring weaponry from a store. A proper background check, and for your federal agencies to start acting when they see these red flags. Make no mistake, they knew this guy was a liability, but for whatever reason they let him keep posting his stupid shit on the internet.

    Im a swede, but If i would be anything I would be a republican, politically. Doesnt mean I dont think certain liberal/leftist things. But you americans really need some verification. Over here you have to do some tests before you can actually get a firearm. And as long as you’re not an evil individual, and mentally fit, you will get your weapons. Another thing, we have to keep our guns locked in a safe at all times when we are not using it. Which is probably a pretty damn good idea.

    It aint perfect, but then again we dont have school shootings like this. I strongly think you american should consider. (we do however have shootings, because of ILLEGAL smuggeled guns + criminals)

    But again, I cant stress it enough. No “bans” on anything will help with anything, other than to piss people off. It is not happening. If you look at statistics guns actually have sold way more when obama threatened to ban assault rifles. 300 000 000 guns, you cant ban that. Not to mention that the restrictions you have currently on some guns is already seen as unconstitional for many.

    btw, this kid set off so many red flags. Un-fucking believable that he didnt face consequences for how he was acting online and at school.

    • Aslı Y says:

      Marcus Möller lots of kids lose both parents and then get adopted. Getting adopted isn’t a bad thing, he’s lucky a family adopted him. Most kids aren’t so lucky. Ultimately there is no acceptable excuse to go on a murder spree.

    • Marcus Möller says:

      I totally agree. There is never any acceptable excuse to murder another human, especially innocent people.

      What im saying is, the stuff that happened in his life must have clearly affected him. And honestly, the gun debate to the side. Either way whatever happened, this guy should have been recognized earlier as a pretty dangerous individual. Especially since the teachers at the school and most students knew he was a wacko. + his instagram account where he posted pictures of him killing animals.

      Interesting facts, most psycho murderers very often go into clothing stores and cut leather bags, or cut animals before doing something so sick like what this guy did. Psycho kid. He is not going to have a good time in jail.

    • Zombie Jesus says:

      Aslı Y Our degenerate society and lack of community is responsible. He gave many signs and nobody cared. Removing guns won’t fix issues like that.

    • jmflyer55 says:

      Marcus Möller …. The problem is not the guns. This is a ridiculous argument being made in this country. The fact is, this kid was 19. In this country, you have to be 21 to purchase an ar15, as they say he used. So, no gun laws would have prevented this. The problem, is the person behind the gun. We have LESS guns in America now, than we had in America in previous generations. Despite having MORE guns in years past, there were NEVER these mass school shootings in those days. What this boils down to, is the mindset the younger generation has nowadays, that develops into this mental condition from modern day guidelines that people raise their children by. At the first major rejection in life, weaker minded kids just snap and go crazy. Kids are raised here in this country nowadays to believe “every ones a winner”. That mentality does nothing except set them up for failure and heartbreak, and subsequent acts of rage against others.

    • AJourneyOfYourSoul says:

      Marcus Möller imo we have a huge lack of mental healthcare in the USA. Unless you are very rich and paying cash, even with health insurance it is very limited. For people without insurance it is almost impossible. Of course getting prescription meds is easy, but good mental healthcare is much more than only meds. Since the Great Recession things have gotten worse mentally in the USA for a lot of people and the care just isn’t there. It is a problem and nothing is being done about it.

  19. OkxyyPiggy MSP says:


    • Daniel Campbell says:

      why does everyone want to label these killers as crazy!!?? i take personal offense. STOP steriotyping mental illness. Most of us with mental illness are nice, kinda, caring, and harmless. this dude was just a bad person. he made a horrible choice. Please dont make my life harder by your steriotyping.

    • Makage 11/42///2 says:

      Mental illness is a huge factor though, of course he’s in the very very slight minority but he’s still mental.

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