The FCC repeals its net neutrality rules

The FCC repeals its net neutrality rules

Federal regulators vote to allow Internet providers to speed up service for some apps and websites — and block or slow down others — in a decision repealing landmark, Obama-era regulations for broadband companies such as AT&T and Verizon. Read the story: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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96 Responses

  1. Kyle2000 says:

    1/1/1983 – 12/14/2017

    BTW I have a Discord, would you join it ?

  2. Ahmad Usufzy says:

    There goes my YouTube career 🙁

  3. Creeper Screeper says:

    Guess who’s moving to Canada!

    • Nate Clink says:

      John Doe An actual immigration system, is that a good thing or a bad thing? I am actually not familiar as I live in USA and have for 6 years. My family has made vigorous attempts to get my Adopted sister citizenship for 6 years, and it has proven tough. We only lived up there for 5 years and everyone in my family already had american citizenship except her. I am going to assume you mean them having an actual immigration system is a bad thing, because it was next to slow internet on your list. But it really depends on where you live. I had no internet problems there despite being in a very remote area in a town if 1196 people.

    • Finding Nemo says:

      Take me with you…

    • RagnaGamez says:

      Any place is better than Canada. Canada is currently ruled by SJWs

    • JMGaming21 says:

      Creeper Screeper me

    • noscrubs.mp3 says:

      basshead Well, the US is just Canada’s beard, so.

  4. No_ Name says:

    rip internet 1983-2017

  5. Gallibon says:

    To court we go.

    • Life Aficionado says:

      +AlextheOG       Woah man.  Don’t advocate violence.  It’s not just his fault,  there are tons of network executives who are glad NN is being repealed.  Sure it will stunt technological innovation and end up costing the world tens of trillions, but at least Verizon and ATT will make a little more $$$.

    • BREAK ! says:

      Chris not entirely true

    • Syntage88 says:

      Thankfully the SCOTUS will rule that NN stays gone.

    • Morgan's Garden and Apiary says:

      Violence and physical protests are one of the only ways to get people to listen. I know thats sounds terrible- but the only reason we have things like minimum wage, work hour limits, lgbt rights, rights to practice freedom of religion, rights for poc, all of those and more were gained by violence and phycisical protests. Hell read a history book of you think you dont profit from the work of your ancestors who fought with violence to get the rights you have today. Unfortunately democracy in this country is a sham, and fighting for you rights is the only way to go about this.

  6. Brash Tuber says:

    Why can’t aji pajit just choke on his own tongue

  7. brennan weaver says:

    It’s insane that this can happen when 90% of the population is against it….

    • Conejin says:

      The fuck does that have to do with anything? It doesnt matter if all the rednecks in USA buy the best, most advanced weapon they can get in the market, the goverment will still fuck them all because you know, the goverment its the entity who owns attack helicopters, jets, bombs, NUCLEAR FUCKING WEAPONS.

    • fatmanlittlecoat88 says:

      Closer to oligarchy really, and have been for a while; just with a curtain with a big “Democracy!” logo printed on it.

    • DeadExcuses says:

      Brian Botello what did that have to do with anything?

    • Zach Taivalmaa says:

      90% of the population you see on the internet are against it. The truth is that many people in the country have no idea what net neutrality or they are misinformed. People who use the internet for their main source of entertainment are under the impression that EVERYONE knows about the potential ramifications of this decision but that just isn’t the case.

  8. What Now Nara Fangays? says:

    We live in a world where the majority vote means nothing to our elected officials. How long and how much will it take for people to stop letting them do as they please.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late america.

    Have to edit for the people missing the point. I know in this specific situation these people are appointed. Appointed by a “elected official”. My point is the disconnect yes it starts with appointed members but how long until the “elected officials” who appointed them follow suit?

    • Quintyn Ray Wallace says:

      the fcc isnt even elected they are appointed.

    • DeadExcuses says:

      McCarthy Did Nothing Wrong we live in a Constitutional republic with a representative democracy

    • kenalpha3 says:

      We live in a world where you sheep can get lied to on youtube, and youre too lazy to do a 2 min search to learn the truth. Youre literal brain dead zombies…
      So brainwashed, that you called in a fake bomb threat. So we know whos responsible. The same liberals who cried when Trump won, then threatened violence. NN helps liberal companies, which is why they lied to you on Nazitube, about keeping NN.

      The facts are that when NN is repealed, ISPs cant do the boogyman stuff that liberals say – because the FTC ALREADY PREVENTED what the NN was intended to do by using the FCC.

      Might sound confusing but there is the FTC and FCC. NN is actually BAD for all of you because it had a loophole that allowed GOOGLE, NAZITUBE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER to censor you for your political beliefs!!!! You dummies, the NN only regulated ISPs, while allowing the mega corps control what you SEE / POST on the internet, for bias reasons!!

      Nazitube doesnt let me post links, so search for “Comprehensive breakdown of the Net Neutrality Repeal… “will NOT allow ISP’s to BLOCK/THROTTLE CONTENT.” It explains everything with sources and timelines.

    • BakeJoyd says:

      Jorji The Electoral College was put in place because it was hard for people to get their voices out to Washington in the 1700-1800s, and now that is not the case. This “giving smaller states a fair shot” is total bullshit because if we are truly going to live in a democracy, the popular vote is the actual will of the people.

  9. HWKProductions - Home of Henbear says:

    Welp, let’s hope for net neutrality being reinstated with a new president and FCC.

  10. Erick Rea says:

    this aint close to the end its the start of the war the hit hard to us now its time to fight. think about it, communicate it, we must not lay down

  11. Shane Ottinger says:

    Well, lets see how much my internet bill goes up and how many features are removed. I am sure we will see the speed increase trend slow down as well. I went from 10mb to 100mb connection in the last few for about the same price , while over that time the price only went up a few bucks.

  12. - itzRayys says:

    The fight isn’t over fam #SaveNetNeutrality

  13. Anonymous Troller says:

    It’s been a honor guys………… Let the end of the world begin

  14. SiFe Clan says:

    Sooooooo. Is it over? Will we have to pay for EVERYTHING on the internet now?

  15. Volinra says:

    3:08:26 that’s when they repeal it. You’re welcome.

  16. Jake Dempsey says:

    This is the beginning of American Revolution part 2

  17. James Oxford says:

    …and the march towards 1984 continues.

  18. AlextheOG says:



  19. BPEK Supra Interactive says:

    Guys! Quick go to your favorite porn sites and record them all before your ISP prevents you from your free porn! AHHHH.

    Fuck this A-shit Pai asshole.

  20. lexamazing says:

    I got this heartbreaking letter from a subscriber that saying that “thank you so much for inspiring me, but i can’t stay on youtube, my parents can’t pay.” I don’t know a single soul who wanted this.

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