The Female Orgasm, Explained with Science Projects | Data Attack

The Female Orgasm, Explained with Science Projects | Data Attack

The male orgasm is an explosive affair, but the female orgasm? Now, that’s a different story. Find out what’s really going down when a woman gets off.
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The Female Orgasm, Explained with Science Projects | Data Attack

Producer: Kornhaber Brown

Sources: Nerve Endings on Clitoris and Penis

70% of Women Require Direct Clitoral Stimulation

Non-genital Orgasms

Anal sex

Exercise Orgasms


Brain Chemistry


Pain Threshold



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19 Responses

  1. ShadowsHeat says:

    I though it was a myth

  2. Jared M says:

    Alone or with a FRIEND!?

    • Thindorama says:

      +Jack Stepan wait what’s wrong with children if they consent and understand
      their consent?

    • Jack Stepan says:

      Well, you know, it’s illegal ?
      Anyway, the sexual majority is around 15 years old, I think it’s good this

    • Thindorama says:

      +Jack Stepan well there shouldn’t be any age for that

    • Jack Stepan says:

      You’re creepy man.

      You cant expect from a boy or a girl under the age of 12 to understand all
      the purpose of the sexuality.

      There’s already so many people doing shit, no need to send childrens in
      that at young age.

  3. Makadarafalasatuda Jean Claude says:

    Can somebody help me to kill myself please ?

  4. graytlo says:

    So many cum jokes

  5. Vin. Kar. says:

    Laink et Terracid ?

  6. AuthorityCat says:

    This video is so dumb on so many levels. Female and male orgasms are very
    similar in amount of pleasurability in general. Plus, individually, there
    are many men who find it more difficult to get aroused then the average
    woman, pretty much debunking this video. The idea that women are harder to
    please as a rule is simply a myth.(No, you can’t just tug on my penis and
    expect me to feel good…) The G-spot does exist. Saying it doesn’t exist
    is saying that the prostatic fluid excreted by the g-spot doesn’t exist.
    This would mean women would be unable to “get wet.” The “squirting” often
    related to the apparently mythical prostate(seriously) can also be achieved
    by men, by, you guessed it, stimulating the prostate. Vibrators, as so
    openly recommended in this video, often lead to numbing of the nerves
    you’ve got down there. It’s a good idea to not use them unless you plan on
    escalating. Same goes for men of course. Masturbation should be limited
    unless you plan on doing it your whole life. Otherwise, be prepared for
    your significant other to disappoint you in bed, and it’ll probably be
    mostly your fault. Anyway, if you think that the female orgasm is something
    magical then you are an idiot.

  7. Rinoa Super-Genius says:

    the background music is by Professor Kliq. great musician.

  8. JJ Galloway says:

    Wired is stupid corporal shit, made by someone who just wants money. 

  9. ThisIsDex says:

    The instructions weren’t clear enough. I got my dick caught in the ceiling

  10. Augure Zera says:

    What’s worse than behavioral, sociological and consumerist propaganda
    disguised as journalism? The same, disguised as “science”.

    This video is wrong on so many levels. It’s also an ad for vibros.

    1. Most women will have hard time having an orgasm just by clitoridal
    stimulation as the clitoris is just the “controller” end of a large nerve
    circuit going through the whole body AND the brain, that have both to be
    stimulated for the clitoris to be sensible.

    2. In fact the clitoris is pretty much like a tiny penis inside-in that has
    lots of nerve ends in the bulb end, going out to different parts of the

    3. Better yet, the Vagina, as it’s being aroused, gets flowed by blood like
    the penis making it slightly inflated thus more sensitive to better welcome
    or endure sexual penetrations.

    4. And not only does the G-Spot exists, but other “spots” like the
    D(eep)-Spot exist too, except they’re nothing like buttons or spots, but
    rather sub-skin wall zone with specific arousal nerve endings that can be
    stimulated by both touch and pressure, located respectively in the early
    upper part of the vaginal canal and the upper or lower part of the back of
    the uterus cavity.

    5. And obviously, orgasm is greatly conditioned by the body condition,
    stress points being the best indicator of bad condition, and mind
    condition, mainly depending on fantasies, love, hate, whatever the

    6. Finally, squirting, not as in getting wet but literally having female
    ejaculation, exists too, and it’s the case that requires to go past this
    kind of propaganda bullshit to actually work the whole body (and mind)

    Now that you know, why not knowing more? As I said, propaganda. But why?

    1. Sexually contempt women, are happy women. And happy women are less
    insecure, less gullible to propaganda or ads , more open, consume less and
    make men happy. And happy men are less insecure, less gullible and consume
    less etc…Not for the powers the be.

    2. Only the smartest women and men will understand, but this is in tune
    with the current neo-feminism propaganda. Why would a movement that started
    by promoting women as being more than sexual object, became so corrupted
    that it now both presents women has being empowered/liberated mainly by sex
    AND being targeted (you now, self-victimization) just as sexual objects,
    thus insidiously reinforcing the image that they are?

    3. The reason is as cited in 1. but Why? Because the powers that be would
    have you believe that Earth is too populated, and every propaganda
    influencing men and women you’ll see will encourage you not to have
    children, which is the cement of families, and if couples are essentialized
    to mainly sex activities as sex becomes a commodity, why be a couple at all?

    4. Because a whole society of single growing men and women consumes WAY
    more than families. And individuals being isolated are WAY more easier to
    control and influence. And the same way neo-feminism is destroying
    equality, don’t think that in this future society women will be considered
    as equal consumers. In fact when social interactions, seduction and sex
    become so rationalized and merchandized that they become commodities to be
    consumed, you’ll see a whole lower-class of sex-workers exchanging money or
    favors for sex as easily and indifferently as people swipe or match on

    5. As for a whole grand plans for the future world, is that good or bad?
    Because if such a society of standardized living means consuming less
    resources, producing less material products, thus polluting less, and more
    importantly equalizing standard living everywhere in the world, why not?
    Because something perverted that is being spread insidiously and without
    consent always turns out to be the worse.

  11. Alex Coman says:

    At the end I realized I had not listened to a word because I watched the
    wacky show and animations

  12. 1LilShank says:

    I just want to try these science experiments displayed through out the

  13. Sue Davidson says:

    Science projects..

    53%? …seems a bit low to me. 

  14. Sebastian Grum-Schwensen says:

    No one? Seriously? No one is going to comment on “behind the curtains”?
    Fuck you gys, that was fucking hilarious. My humour is glorious.