You know my love for fidget spinners reached a peak when I stacked 100 layers of them…but what if you had one on your iPhone always!

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Spinner 1:
Spinner 2:
Spinner 3:
Spinner 4:
Spinner 5:
Spinner 6:
Spinner 6 (pt 2):

You saw in the last video that I stacked 100 layers of fidget spinners. In the past I did a world record giveaway and gave away 100 of them! Well now you never have to worry about losing your fidget spinner becuase there is an iPhone case that lets you attach it right to the back! Check out all these other super weird and crazy fidget spinners as well!


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if u see this comment ‘where is the android case?’

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19 Responses

  1. TechSmartt says:

    Who is gonna get the iPhone case??

  2. Amazing boy 2 says:

    Techsmarrt man can you hit me up with a iPhone 7 plus man I have a budget I still use a iPhone 4 s I have subscribed and I have notifications on please hit me up send me a snap on Snapchat for some reason mine says error happened when I tried to add you but if you give me 7 7 plus 6 s 6 s plus 6 please thanks and good job with this videos

  3. Cassidy Cisco says:

    can I just glue a spinner to my phone case?😂

  4. Karan Chawla says:

    2:48 Keetan was depressed so he was cutting himself

  5. Parker Long says:

    1990:In 2020 I’ll bet they’ll have flying cars
    2017:Fidget spinner iPhone case

  6. Pratham Thaleshwar says:

    A pop socket fidget spinner would be dope

  7. XGamersHD says:

    Oh! I have a pretty cool fidget spinner, it’s metal, it’s a unique design. You can see it in Matthiase’s video.

  8. Aceko says:

    every day we stray further from god

  9. Оксана Сорокина says:

    Click this in the event you want a new free fidget spinner.. –

  10. Amir Sameer says:

    Fidget spinner are old now 😒

  11. SolarxZombie says:

    I turned on notifications​ long ago

  12. SuperMario Fan says:

    His hair looked better when it was short

  13. Pedo Bear says:

    ayyy living tumer back at it again with the cancer

  14. Nick Bales says:

    jesus christ youre face looks like it needs to be punched

  15. Kris Garcia says:

    This is too much cancer then I can handle

  16. Simon Kwong says:

    why the fuck is this cancer in my recommended

  17. Amy Avendano says:

    Follow for follow on insta aavendano02

  18. Đức Anh Lê Nguyễn says:

    Fidget spinner is the new religion now

  19. Bob Jones says:

    This is why i have lost faith in the human race

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