The Fiend makes his first entrance: SummerSlam 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

The Fiend makes his first entrance: SummerSlam 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt debuts against Finn Bálor at SummerSlam with a haunting new entrance, featuring music by Code Orange. Courtesy of WWE Network. Follow Code Orange: @CodeOrangeTOTH on Twitter, @CodeOrangeTOTH on Instagram, and on Facebook/CodeOrangeTOTH


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61 Responses

  1. olliepieR94 says:

    They’ve seriously got something special here, on the scale of Stone cold/TripleH/The Rock/ The Undertaker. Do not screw this up WWE…..Let him in.

    Edit: Cheers for the likes ??MUM I’VE MADE IT! ?

  2. MinimeWWERocks says:

    This has to be the best entrance Bray has ever done in his WWE Career

  3. Bernardo Saldana says:

    Baron Corbin: I have the most badass entrance music.

    Io Shirai: Hold my beer.

    The Fiend: Hold my decapitated head lantern.

  4. king deku says:

    this entrance is absolutely amazing but this man carried out his own head to the ring

  5. prodigyboy says:

    Can we just talked about how he broke balors neck??

  6. WillyElGamerYT says:

    0:00-3:14 *Thank You for the silence Cole!!!*

    • Samsa says:

      @Swaggy J It’s youtube… in case you didn’t notice it yet, creators get strikes and demonetized for all kinds of nonsense these days.
      Also I’m personally not saying it’s “too gory”, it’s just what I think the reason for cutting that out could be.

    • FurryMon Gaming,WCPW,music covers and more says:

      This vids not even a minute long

    • Omc Robb says:

      Did the video shorten or is it just me ?

    • Bassam Chatila says:

      @Omc Robb it was the full entrance then they hid it to shorten it for some youtube policy reason.

  7. EdgePitSwing says:

    “What on earth did we just witness…”
    History, Mr. Cole.

  8. ultra gamer20 says:

    His theme song is literally a badass version of Bray Wyatt’s theme song.

    I like it.

  9. Alix D says:

    i just get this feeling that WWE is gonna find some way to ruin him….

  10. Roberto Sandoval says:

    I need a 10 hours loop of this entrance! Dope AF.

    That lantern tho!!

  11. Outlaw says:

    Not many gimmicks of today could make it in the Attitude Era but this one definitely would

  12. BLAKK SHEEP says:

    Balor: ? “Hey Demon… Is it too late to bring you out!? ?….. Yes?… Oh. Well damn. ?”

  13. Ufo Rocker says:

    Entrance ✅
    Match ✅
    Ending ✅
    Everything was perfect

  14. P D says:

    We definitely need a ‘The Fiend’ vs Finn Bálor ‘The Demon’ showdown.

    • Byzzil says:

      No we don’t! The Fiend should not lose for atleast the coming 2 years and The Demon (did he not just take a lost?) i dont think he can be losing either. But on paper it would be nice to see i give you that.

    • Russe Russak says:

      PLEASE NO! Neither of them should lose anytime soon.

    • Alberto Rivera says:

      @Byzzil Two years seems too much to me, unless like Finn with The Demon, Bray only uses The Fiend on special occasions, so it could be

    • Bernie Basset says:

      I’d rather see the Fiend take someone down that doesn’t look like a skinny Irishman wearing clown make-up. You know, someone who might be a threat.

      I just don’t get the demon thing, exactly the same moveset, same movements (other than the entrance) it’s just lame.

  15. Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher says:

    Mox: “I’m going to make the best character tweak in a decade by going to AEW.”
    Bray: *Evil laugh*

  16. Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher says:

    3:16: “So I summoned The Demon for Baron Corbin…but not for that thing? F me…”

  17. Amazing Guy says:

    This can’t be a weekly occurrence. Probably will be like the Demon.

  18. Animaniac says:

    This is once in a lifetime character, we had Kane in ’97 now the fiend in 2019.

  19. Ryhan Khan says:

    Why did you delete the full 3 minute version for this? Already miss it 🙁

  20. Cam / The Unstable Nerd says:

    Y’all ain’t slick for cutting the video down to less than a minute. It had the whole thing before.

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