The Final “Baby Geniuses” Films are Offensively Bad

The Final “Baby Geniuses” Films are Offensively Bad

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This week; we finally complete the Baby Geniuses saga on this channel by taking a look at the final THREE Baby Geniuses movies. Enjoy!







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comment “i shrank the prime minister’s pizza” if ur reading this


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47 Responses

  1. Clixs says:

    “Well, racism aside, I refuse to believe that these babies are geniuses”

    Truly an amazing quote sir🫡

  2. D'Angelo Wallace says:

    every few years when my subconscious finally lets me believe that i hallucinated these movies as a kid, kurtis is right there like clockwork to remind me that they’re real 😭

  3. astro. says:

    watching kurtis become increasingly agitated over movies about literal babies is so much funnier than it should be

    • Kelly S says:

      Plssss it’s so funny hearing his angry tone over a shot of the blonde actress making the toddlers giggle for the line 🤣

    • jakob glenaman says:

      Bro literally 😂 you can feel the anger ramping up as he gets deeper down the rabbit hole

  4. yullu65 says:

    Can we all come together as a community and create Baby Geniuses: All Grown Up? We bring back all the actors, don’t even acknowledge that they’re older (they still wear diapers) and go one step beyond space: we bring in the biblically accurate angel baby

  5. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    As someone who actually works with young kids and toddlers I’m very irritated at these movies, because these children are clearly NOT babies, definitely not under two years old (I’d estimate them all around 3,5-4 yo); to the point where it’s just in uncanny valley for me to see them crawling around, nonverbal and in diapers 😭

  6. Lexa B says:

    The later movies just get more creepy to me because the kids are not really “babies” anymore. The kids look so uncomfortable in the diaper costumes.

    • Super Cosmic Mutant Honey Candle Squid says:

      I ALWAYS hated that. It’s like that exists only to remind us they’re babies but… baby clothes have pants. Even onesies cover up their diapers so….why?

    • Jorymo says:

      And they have to be pantsless at all times so you know they’re wearing diapers 😬

    • Ollie says:

      yeah most of the kids can like….talk at this point lol and like probably shouldn’t be forced to be actors. it’s so weird

    • V with a V says:

      yeah ngl, even seeing it is uncomfortable
      it’s basically just excusing the filming of kids in underwear by.. claiming they are babies? which they aren’t?

  7. Jullia Capybara says:

    i’m so happy that kurtis watches these so we don’t have to. i don’t think i could handle the inescapable trauma that follows.

  8. Kaleido says:

    its so funny that Moriarty is reportedly “responsible for over 500 unsolved cases in more than 200 countries” when there are only 195 countries in the world

  9. Yuunohu says:

    This film series is actually brave for letting Jon Voight unleash the darkness in his heart like that

  10. senaka patel says:

    Kurtis Conner is obviously just trying to hide the fact that he was a baby genius and is still working for the company with all these videos

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