The Finale (SCP Animation)

The Finale (SCP Animation)

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Ms. Sweetie has been freed by a rogue guard. Agent Green tries to contain her again but ultimately is stopped by her anomalous powers. To make matters worse, an on sight nuclear blast is set to go off. Someone has infiltrated the Foundation from the inside. Can Buck, Collingwood, Lawrence, and the rest of the SCP personnel escape in time? Or will this be the end…?

Original Authors:
►”Ms. Sweetie” based upon “SCP-2396” written by: kinchtheknifeblade

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49 Responses

  1. Takana Moom says:

    Alright folks, Dr. Buck is crying. Get your popcorn and tissues, we’re here for an 8-minute rollercoaster ride.

  2. Gary Brown says:

    Looks like Gustav’s acting training paid off for him.

  3. Arkunus Stilshire says:

    Somehow I’m not surprised Gustav is part of the chaos insurgency.

  4. Kerorofan says:

    …So they just mean SEASON finale, right? This wasn’t the last episode ever?


  5. Lord Blackstar says:

    I knew gustav would do something like this should have treated him better.

    • 25/worlds/ to/explore says:

      Seems that way except when you realize that was his goal all along.

    • Corey Everett says:

      He’s getting revenge for all the Raid Shadow Legends sponsorships

    • ProVoiceActor1 Dubs says:

      I cheered for the scene to where he shot Buck tbh like YOU GO GUSTAV!!!! (I don’t hate Buck I just felt she was overly rude to the guy just trying to help out on several occasion)

  6. Ljos says:

    I feel like Gustav never liked doing those Raid sponsors this whole time

  7. BockworschtSoldier says:

    Maybe Gustav sould read “Betrayel for Dummys” 10 more times. Point Number one: Dont get shot during your betrayel.

  8. Andrew Pearson says:

    Gustav’s had enough of being the SCP`s advertisement guy.

    • Takana Moom says:

      My man’s sick of playing Raid: Shadow Legends, one of the biggest mobile role-playing games of 2019 and it’s totally free!

  9. General Jim says:

    “Hey anyone else feel uh… diferent?”

    This is why i lucking love Carson

  10. THEOPDESTROYER 777 says:

    Gustav: **shoots buckaroo**

    Me: **doom music starts playing**

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