The First Purge Announcement – In Theaters July 4

The First Purge Announcement – In Theaters July 4

This July 4th, #TheFirstPurge.


Behind every tradition lies a revolution. Next Independence Day, witness the rise of our country’s 12 hours of annual lawlessness. Welcome to the movement that began as a simple experiment: The First Purge.

To push the crime rate below one percent for the rest of the year, the New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) test a sociological theory that vents aggression for one night in one isolated community. But when the violence of oppressors meets the rage of the marginalized, the contagion will explode from the trial-city borders and spread across the nation.

Coming off the most successful film in the series, The Purge: Election Year, creator James DeMonaco (writer/director of The Purge, The Purge: Anarchy and The Purge: Election Year) returns alongside the producers of this worldwide phenomenon: Blumhouse Productions’ Jason Blum (Insidious series, Get Out, Split), Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ouija series, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and DeMonaco’s longtime production partner, Sébastien K. Lemercier (Assault on Precinct 13, Four Lovers).

The First Purge is directed by Gerard McMurray (Burning Sands), working from a screenplay once again written by DeMonaco.

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89 Responses

  1. Keidon Smith says:


  2. Anthony Casarez says:

    Here we go again😈😱😆👹👺💀

  3. Angel R. Ferrer says:


  4. Human says:

    Is this the guy who says ” BEEEWWWBS ” in an awesome voice?

  5. Fists of Fury says:

    Let me guess, the white people have all the powers and resources and the poor minorities have to fend for their lives. More Hollywood Crap.

  6. Christopher C says:

    You never learn, do you Hollywood

    • TechReflection says:

      +Christopher C They are just trying to capitalize on outrage. So don’t get outraged or else it in fact did work and you have to give them credit for that.

    • DrZaious says:

      KORERAWR SMH. With that logic I bet you think video games make kids shoot people.

    • Hellion 101 says:

      a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punchline.
      I.E.: “she was in a mood to tell jokes.”
      Synonyms:funny story, jest, witticism, quip

    • Camille Lake says:

      A lot of people don’t seem to learn.

    • Google it says:

      Christopher C Dude, the films have always been about politics. Go get off your high horse and maybe watch the other films before you hate on a political movie for being political.

  7. Nathan O'Valley says:

    YouTube is disabling downvotes

  8. josinoia says:

    If there’s a word to describe this trailer, it’s subtle

  9. Sterling Archer says:

    what intelligent social commentary, totally legit. fucking waste of a movie

  10. Techno Zombiez says:

    These are just getting shit now

  11. Jack says:

    definitely not a shot at trump lol

  12. Austin Larson says:

    Can we start with the hollywood,pedophiles?

  13. Gerrie J says:


  14. Lord says:

    Not a supporter of Trump yet still have no idea what the purge has to do with him lol maybe they’re running out of ideas?

  15. ge st says:

    Dear Kim Jong-un, I will give you the latitude and longitude of Hollywood for $5.

  16. Lord Beerus says:


  17. Luke Osland says:

    Lmao, Hollywood’s standards are so painfully low these days. Anything for money, I guess.

    • KORERAWR says:

      Thank you! They can’t deal with the internet being the top consumed media anymore.

    • AnelyMG says:

      Ironic that you care about the standards of the entertainment industry, but have absolutely zero standards for your fucking president. First class hypocrisy!!

    • Michael Franco says:

      AnelyMG My president is doing a great job, if you dont think so don’t vote for him this upcoming election simple as that. 👍Iif more of y’all would have turned out at the polls instead of hating on Trump supporters on YouTube, maybe he’d have lost.

  18. 1Kenny30 says:

    It’s sad to see that my fellow Trump Voters lost their senses of humor. This trailer is fantastic!

  19. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    Yeah, if you’re gonna do political satire, at least put in some effort…

  20. Intergalactic Human Empire says:

    I’ve seen car crashes more subtle than the political commentary on this.

    • Google it says:

      A Random Crusader – you know, I wrote this whole essay to him and them looked down to realize that you did it much better than I did.

    • Ryan Gunn says:

      Google it is he? I hadn’t heard of that. I know he’s upping enforcement to send trespassers home, but I hadn’t heard of anything happening to anyone that belongs here, anyone in any of our communities.

      (bait set… Wait for it… Wait for it…)

    • nick network gaming says:

      Google it but that’s what annoys me, he isn’t threatening people in the way that a normal person would, he does school yard threats, where he critiques and criticizes. I wish people would ignore his tweets and focus on policy. Because remembering a president for one thing is stupid. It’s my oppinion in general. I want to remember Obama for everything he did, not just Obama care or his race baiting. Things like getting gay marriage passed and regulations for trans students.

    • Google it says:

      Ryan Gunn yes, he is. I have two examples for you (plus and extra one at the end):

      1. He’s threatening CA and NY, the two most powerful states in this country (so much for uniting the country or making it great again, whatever that means…) He’s not providing relief for the natural disasters in CA, Puerto Rico (which, in case you didn’t know, is basically a state, meaning everyone there is an American citizen) or the south. He’s insulted every decent human being with his remarks.

      2. This is the more personal one for me. I know people who’s families have been ripped apart. American citizens have had family members deported because they overstayed their work visas because, if they went home, they may not have been able to come back and may have died. He’s forcing the people who help grow our food, may our social security (and get nothing in return), and those who were born here out of this country. People who do the work you would never want to do no matter what they pay you. One person I know had to be hospitalized because his dad was deported (his dad was a farm worker, no criminal record) and tried to kill himself. He’s got no one else. You can’t blame the kid for that. You tell me how ripping families of innocent people apart is good. (Note: I get it. They are undocumented and probably shouldn’t be here. Criminals I completely get. But why deport a man who’s been here for 20 years, has never been in trouble with the law, works 12 hour days to support his son, and pay taxes just like everyone else?)

      Extra: let’s not forget how he’s threatened literally every single country during the Paris Agreements. How ISIS loves him. How he’s supported white nationalist terrorist groups. How he basically just killed the solar industry (so much for free market). How he’s waging a made-up war because he can’t handle criticisms. How he killed net neutrality. How he started a new real war (possible two since Israel basically owns him now). How he wants to build a stupid wall that won’t keep anyone out because that’s not how undocumented immigrants get here (most get visas legally and just overstay), a wall, I might add, that we, Americans, have to pay for. How he’s corrupt to all hell (look at all those people who gave him money in office now). How he raised the money we spend while cutting taxes (because nothing says smart than saying “let’s not make as much money but spend a lot more on stupid stuff like the military that is way to big!”)

      Not attacking you here. Just stating some things that I, and many others, can’t FRICKING stand, and we don’t get why so many of his supporters ether ignore all this or don’t care that it’s happening…

    • Google it says:

      nick network gaming but realize, he doesn’t write the policies. Very few presidents do. They have other people write them. His tweets are, as far as I can tell, the only thing he actually says; no script, just his weird little mind.

      And I wouldn’t say calling all Mexicans rapists and black people murderers is constructive criticism…

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