The First Thing You Should Do After A Breakup

The First Thing You Should Do After A Breakup

You guys broke up? Alright, here’s what you do… if you want. You’re gonna do whatever anyway. Don’t even say no! You know you will!
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20 Responses

  1. adrian mcneill says:

    What I do after a break is burn some children’s toys , eat some black
    licorice while listening to some EDM, yell my exes name for about 3mins ,
    insult my dog, apologize to my dog, watch some teen titans , and finally
    play it off.

  2. Neko Kyuubi says:

    OMG! I figured out who you remind me of! Erlich Bachman from Silicon

  3. Poodlekisses says:

    Funny, I’m actually about to quit a job that I’ve been in for 1.5 years and
    has been shitty as of late…

    You’re making it hard for us not to believe you’re the reborn Jesus,

  4. Chuck Turner says:

    The first thing I do is call her up and ask if his is bigger than mine.

  5. P Ante says:


  6. Jasmine Shameless says:

    What an analogy. And the timing is on POINT.

  7. Aidan Caughran says:

    But my job doesn’t have sexual relations with me sometimes though.

  8. benetx says:

    his tshirt has the words backwards

  9. jade_ sulfe says:

    Hi ☺️

  10. Jesse Jones says:

    This guy’s personality will get him places. :D

  11. Chinh CK says:

    We’ll see. ?

  12. Becca Z says:

    I just broke up with my boyfriend and I’m extremely thankful for his video
    ^_^ thanks mike 

  13. J'zargo Valerian says:

    Taylor Swift should watch this video.

  14. Ana Ortiz says:

    damn dude, I’ve been real good at moonwalking for the past 11 years. why do
    you think it is that it’s so easy to never look back on a job and your old
    colleagues but when it comes to relationships that shit goes right out the

  15. Steele Johnson says:

    so funny

  16. Ally C says:

    People always forget to cut off the other person! It’s so important. Thanks
    for this. 

  17. CM Connolly says:

    hahahaha, cheers to you!