The Flash – First Look Teaser Trailer | DC FanDome 2021

The Flash – First Look Teaser Trailer | DC FanDome 2021

Here’s our first look at the Scarlet Speedster’s solo film starring Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, Ben Affleck as Batman, and in his long-awaited return to the cape and cowl, Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Andy Muschietti (It, It: Chapter Two, Mama) directs this big-screen variation on the classic DC Comics storyline Flashpoint, which will introduce the multiverse to the DCEU.

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44 Responses

  1. T W says:

    Flashpoint and multiple flashes is very cool. Looking forward to it.

    • Forever the oc says:

      @Matt Ryan There are othwe great flash arcs they could look into – why not actually try fleshing out the character in a standalone movie first?

    • Jerry Allen says:

      @mike batchelor He didn’t choke her or throw her to the ground. If he was choking her she would have been gasping for air, but she was laughing the whole time. And he didn’t throw her to the ground, he gently laid her on the ground. You people see what you see and than you spin it all out of context. What you saw didn’t happen.

    • Jerry Allen says:

      @codeman90000000 You mean Supergirl.

    • m ranger says:

      spider man multi dimension vs flash

    • David Brown says:

      @Jerry Allen he wasn’t charged for it either, it’s amazing how it’s gone from your accurate description to violence against women !

  2. michael tinishanay says:

    Can’t wait to see this film and seeing michael Keaton back as Batman is gonna be insane!

  3. Rubecai Dubs says:

    1:27 Someone else felt the Christopher Nolan Batman Sountrack vibes

  4. GRWOE says:

    Flash: Are you in?
    Ben Affleck: “Im not in, Im actually out”

  5. Jesús Silva says:

    Ezra in the beginning looks like he’s a hostage lmao

  6. Iskandar Shah says:

    It’s cool seeing Muto Yugi do the intro here. He’s all grown up now.

  7. Godly Potat0 says:

    Hearing that Danny Elfman score and seeing those iconic, pointy ears got me hyped

  8. leokimvideo says:

    When Batman walks thats the earth moving under him. Batman is stationary

  9. Gunnar Clovis says:

    “We can’t make a trailer. We can’t make a teaser. We don’t have enough material.”

    YouTube: *The Flash – First Look Teaser Trailer*

  10. good。luck ! says:

    Ezra’s clothes looks like when you hit “Randomize” in the character creator

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