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44 Responses

  1. Dawko out of context says:

    Only Dawko can turn a 53 second video into an almost 30 minute long video.

  2. Basic_Weirdo says:

    I’m too proud of this franchise. It’s come a long way from a small, indie title to a huge success and has grown a huge fanbase. Well done, Fnaf. Well done.

    • Roshu says:

      YEAH ME TOO. I have private video on youtube old 7 YEARS where i played fnaf 1 its so nostalgic and i feel incredible 😀

  3. Sukruth’s Adventure says:

    Theory:the reason they need a security gaurd for the pizzeria is because they were gonna sell the stuff,so the owners needed to ensure the things were not stolen

    • Victoria M. says:

      Or… they’re getting ready to ship them to a sister location

    • syweb2 says:

      So long as they want to maintain ownership of the animatronics, other equipment, and anything else of value at the location, they’d need a security guard to protect it.

    • LittleLion says:


    • sans the skeleton says:

      not necessarily, having such a big place with lots and expensive stuff, and they have regular importance so they need everything under control and up and running, so they can’t allow poor security levels. I don’t think that I explained well, so, sorry, but your theory may be correct.


      It’s very reasonable

  4. kory_misun says:

    I love how Matthew Lillard leaned forward, rocking his beard, not quite looking like a villain but definitely plotting something. Love this.
    It does make a lot of sense now, when we play as a security guard. You’re strapped to your chair, there’s no running away until 6 am hits, or you’re ripped out of your seat by an animatronic.
    Mike could be having a nightmare about a robot with a double saw mouth, since after losing his siblings in the series, he probably has PTSD dreams a lot.

    • Евгений Семенюк says:

      Remember — in movie we see not Michael Afton, but Mike Schmidt

      It’s another parallel universe, like in novel trilogy and Frights. So it could mean that Mike is, for example, a survived sixth victim. I guess movie will deceive as several times and ruin our expectations

      I still slightly sceptical. It could be a movie with great visuals, references, actors, but still have terrible script. That’s what I afraid. Also, game-style narration with hidden story inside basic plot probably won’t work for movie

      It’s should be amazing, and I want to believe it, but it could greatest fail in the franchise history

    • VirginiAst1 says:

      I thought it could be a nightmare based on what the phone guys tells him, since he says that if you get caught by an animatronic, you’ll get stuffed into the suit and a lot of damage will happen around the facial area

  5. Purple Cat says:

    I know a lot of people don’t like the red eyes, and neither do I but I don’t think it will be absolutely horrible. The tiny white dots are a whole lot scarier, but the red eyes give them a more menacing and intimidating look, which isn’t a bad change of pace

  6. Orangebowl says:

    I’ve been a fan since FNAF 3 first came out and I honestly can’t believe that I lived to see this franchise come to life as a movie! It all looks so incredible and Scott and everybody else who’s worked on this should be very proud for how well it looks so far!

  7. Eleos5 says:

    I hope they have more scenes of the animatronics just being lifeless. In my opinion that’s more scary then when they’re actively pursuing someone.

  8. WDecently says:

    I’m liking how there’s been a character change with Bonnie and that he’s always been depicted as blue after FNAF 1. Blue is a nice color for Bonnie, and also makes it so people aren’t confused with him being associated with William Afton, who’s always associated with purple

  9. Lio Mlap says:

    I have a theory. When Mike first went in without his uniform, the animatronics were not aggressive or have red eyes. When he saw the same security guard outfit on him, they became aggressive and began to have red eyes meaning they are possessed.

  10. King Kestis says:

    I somewhat dislike the red eyes the animatronics have but otherwise, this is all I could have ever dreamed of. Extremely excited to see what comes next!

    • Julie C. says:

      Ikr, the red looks so fake. Everything else looks amazing though, especially the animatronics

    • 📎Aoi says:

      I thought I was the only but I mean no harsh it’s a tad bit something I don’t like but I do kind of wish they would keep them like how they would attack you in the game looking lifeless but still looks like it’s out to get you

    • Dant3_Rodant3 says:

      @:skull: or just stick to the black and white. Like golden Freddy

    • HallowDev says:

      @Dant3_Rodant3 I agree, the black eyes with the white pupils would look way better than the red.

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