“THE FORCE AWAKENS: A Bad Lip Reading” (Featuring Mark Hamill as Han Solo)

“THE FORCE AWAKENS: A Bad Lip Reading” (Featuring Mark Hamill as Han Solo)

In this very special installment of Bad Lip Reading, Han (voiced by Mark Hamill) struggles with a language barrier. Jessica DiCicco guests as the voice of Rey. Be sure to also check out Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest! First episode here: https://youtu.be/SrEqrD_qEzQ
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20 Responses

  1. Arozura says:

    butts are like pillows

  2. Jesse Southwick says:

    Han: What do we got there?
    Finn: Ninjas…
    Han: DID YOU SAY NINJA?! They have karate and will snap your shins clean!
    God this is my favorite part xD

  3. Saif Al Rasheed says:

    this is better than the actual movie.

  4. Greg Wiens says:

    Six kittens in a bag of water….. LOL

  5. Jason T says:

    Let’s all play with Kylo Ren’s Kissy Bits!

  6. Wiffernubbin says:

    No one’s mentioning that Mark Hamill did Han’s lines…

  7. Mobius One says:

    You actually got Mark Hamill to do the voices!? That’s awesome. For those of you who don’t know, Mark Hamill plays Luke Skywalker.

  8. KorianBossMonster says:

    When Kylo revealed those two toys…made me laugh too man hard oh my goodness…

  9. I'm Actually Hyrulean says:

    “It would be great if we could play with my kissy bits”
    I’m gonna use this as a pickup line from now on

  10. Laila Ali says:

    Mark hamil voiced han solo, that’s whats going on

  11. Roscoe Van Damme says:

    That was epic hahaha ????

  12. Myles Hoglund says:

    I bet for the next one they get Harrison Ford to voice Luke

  13. Yoda Man says:

    this is the hardest ive laughed in a few days. thank you!!!

    rip carrie. fun fact though: me and her dog have the same name. XD

  14. Joni Tarvainen says:

    That goddamn “Could you stll fell asleep?” question made me cry on laughter :’D

  15. Evali Kira says:

    When he said ninja, I heard nigga

  16. Joshua Wurzel says:

    This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen ??

  17. Rock God says:

    Damn, Kylo Ren is creepy as fuck, lol

  18. dyladino says:

    kylo ren in this is a better joker than jared leto

  19. NukeMarine says:

    I wonder how many rations BLR got for this video?

  20. The Boulder says:

    I loved the TFA. Come @ me haters.

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