The Force Awakens Lego HISHE

The Force Awakens Lego HISHE

We partnered with Brotherhood Workshop to make this video for the 2016 Video Game Awards at #SXSW

Brotherhood Workshop’s Channel

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20 Responses

  1. Danny Thomas says:

    u should make more lego HISHE’s

  2. The Big Z says:

    I wish I could give this more than one like!

  3. Red Sinister97 says:

    Right when I said “Oh snap!” when Luke froze the blasters, the stormtrooper
    also said “Oh snap!” at the same time! Also this vid is hillarious! ?

  4. David alfaro says:

    can you do more lego star wars

  5. MRKaestner says:


  6. Chris Morris says:

    That is exactly what Luke could have done, but instead he waited for the
    end of the movie to reveal himself so he could look awesome.

  7. Nexius Reign says:

    I love it.

  8. Kevini saname says:

    Gets sued by Lego…

  9. TFAric says:

    Would have been so much better movie, except for stopping blaster shots in
    mid air. ^^


    Guys I really try and spend days writing music for you, I
    would appreciate my creativity and if not difficult to subscribe please :З

  11. WildWoofGaming says:

    Did anyone else notice that R2-D2 sounded like those toys that make that
    weird noise when u tip them up and down lol

  12. MCLegoboy says:

    “I’m taking you home to your parents…”
    You mean you didn’t feel Han’s death through the Force?!

    Although I guess with the alternate timeline, going to Starkiller Base may
    have been different and stuff might not have happened like it did. But

  13. InfinteGaming101 says:

    I remember when How it Should Have Ended was actually good… Their videos
    are worse every time now. :(

  14. Bob Simpson says:

    LEGO and HISHE and Star Wars combined: the ultimate video.

  15. Christopher Ver Hoef says:

    “Say uncle! SAY UNCLE!”

    And Luke actually is Kylo’s uncle.

  16. 05you2 says:

    “Because I’m BATMAN!!!”

    – Luke

  17. Tiamat Michelle Hart says:


  18. Hoserlu Studios (Hoserlu) says:

    Brotherhood Workshop is probably the best of the partners HISHE uses.
    Always good.

  19. Erri Soares says:

    Woot… Nice! I’ll would like to like ten times.

  20. Michael Arnold says:

    Dying of laughter! Great work!