The Frog Tier List

The Frog Tier List

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Bullfrog vs Cat:

Frog bites finger:

Music: Eyewitness Discovery Kids, Old School Runescape, Black Ops 2

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72 Responses

  1. simposium identicarum says:

    “frog stealth is above average” hell yes like where is that ribbit coming from I looked for 20 minutes, he’s right here, but i can’t see him

  2. Random Name says:

    The man
    The myth
    The legend

    *has finally come back*

  3. CID says:

    Others: Frogs are low-tier trash

    Poison Dart Frog: *Laughs in one-touch kill*

    African Bull Frog: *Laughs in trash-compactor gobble*


  4. SlovesL says:

    “There jump is second only to the grasshopper in terms of relative distance.”
    *Cries in flea*

  5. Mr Doggo says:

    I’m sad that he didn’t talk about the very strange froggy chair build

  6. AToons says:

    Someone tell me why I’m genuinely interested in a tier list about frogs.

  7. The Avien says:

    Frogs: Gods of memes and slaugherers of insects

  8. Scottobot says:

    Me: Sees Frog Tier List
    Me: Cane Toad on top for sure

  9. FoopusMuhammad says:

    I’m not too certain about this, but don’t fleas boast the largest jump relative to their own size?

    • Jeffrey Banach says:

      Look at bottom left of that frame

    • Jonathan Odude says:

      it was in the video

    • Luke Burchardt says:

      Jeffrey Banach thats the bottom right my guy

    • Dank Sanchez says:

      Luke Burchardt he has an intelligence debuff let the little guy be

    • Robert The Wise says:

      That is a misleading statistic because to get it you have to scale the fleas size and jump length linearly. However to get a proper comparison when it comes to feats of strength like lifting things or jumping you have to take the square-cube law into account. As muscle performance scales with the crossection area of the muscle so quadratic but weight scales with the volume so cubic smaller animals have an unfair advantage in these comparisons. Properly scaled frogs and insects would not be capable to move properly at human or elephant size while large animals would be capable of much greater feats at frog/flea size.

  10. Hacim 42 says:

    Playing a low tier amphibian is a lot like playing Spore on the hardest difficulty, but only the first two stages.

  11. Annabelle O'Grady says:

    “Frog builds are based around leaping at a target and grappling”

    Ah, so they’re a meme based build

  12. Bring back Bomber7io says:

    Next tier list: Fleas

  13. poe_slaw says:

    “That all you got?”
    “Yes :(“


  14. Weirdo says:



  15. Mutated__Donkey says:

    “… ever evolve fangs”


  16. Alfred Williams says:

    1:01 Only half a percent is the reason I stopped playing frogs. I just couldn’t get out of the early game 🙁

  17. Iapetus McCool says:

    4:10: two dragonflies mating, and a frog suddenly appears and noms them. It’s like an insect slasher movie.

    4:18: lol at the way the frog just reaches up and shoves it in with its hands.

  18. Man fred says:

    The hyper-toxicity of poison dart frogs seems like an interesting evolutionary quandary. What do they gain in the scheme of natural selection?

    • Aidas Baranauskas says:

      if no one can touch them then they’ll have no predators and that’s 1 thing less to worry about, especially knowing how easily hunted frogs generally are

    • Timmir00 says:

      Poison Dart frogs gain basically a reputation among most predators, who see that colorful design and decide it’s not worth it. This does come at the cost of the Poison Dart Frog requiring a very specific diet in order to maintain it’s toxicity along with the general stat cuts it has taken for it to maintain one of the most deadly toxins. At least that is what scientist currently believe anyway.

    • juan says:

      Also for poison dart frogs, poison isn’t as an expensive strategy as you would think, one disadvantage of poison/venom is that it takes a lot of energy to produce. But the dart frog’s poison is second hand and they get it from the insects they eat, so being so poisonous becomes a more viable strategy.

    • AFNacapella says:

      it’s not that a species goes to the store and shops for the most reasonable deterrent (pls no pay2win!). poison itself is less a techtree (storage and delivery is) , but more a drop: when you get the poison treat you roll on what poison it is. RNGsus loves the dart frog and gave ’em guaranteed crits. I guess whoever the trait was developed against did ragequit and the frogs didn’t devolve because better overkill than be killed yourself. If I had to choose if whatever chews on me gets one chew or ten, I take one.

    • Jeff Benton says:

      It has earned them a predator, though. Human players who live in the Amazon server learned that they could kill it and roast it over a fire and the poison would coalesce as a liquid on the skin and they could put it on darts to one-shot larger prey animals.

  19. Valorous Puppy84 says:

    *Me on my death bed while my family cries.*
    Me: “I hope I’m a frog in my next life. They offer…a…a…a unique playstyle.”

  20. KnownNiche says:

    Wait, wasn’t there like a massive african frog that can eat mice and can literally break you fingers with a bite?

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