The FUTURE of Blox Fruits.

The FUTURE of Blox Fruits.

The Future of Blox Fruits is looking KRAZY.

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Artist: Trial & Error
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Words / Music : Sakagami Souichi ( )
Kanshou Resistance:…

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22 Responses

  1. ـ says:

    I adore these developers; you guys are great. You ought to occasionally take a break—not always from the game, but instead for the sake of your life and health. I know that you do this for the fans, and we all appreciate all of your efforts.

  2. TheGoldGolem says:

    Watching people fight him feels like the Onigashima Raid against Kaido. You should add Warlords and Yonko’s who would be very hard to defeat but give HUGE rewards

    • Loafie says:

      @Sunky that’s the worst idea for blox fruits like plus 1 million up not even mods have that much only like 200k. Giving that to a cosmetic is wild

    • Sunky says:

      @coconut beard I think it would be more like 1M

    • Sunky says:

      @coconut beard only 1k health?

    • coconut beard says:

      Yup. Hardest warlord-Mihawk :can give 300m exp, 150k money spawns every 30- 55 mins quest for warlords can be taken from kuma blox fruits will call him prob warlord hunter
      Hardest Yonko – Kaido, drop 245k cash and 340m exp can give drops like:Beast horns, dark blue coat yonko quest can be taken from luffy npc. After finishing 45 yonko quests you can get the mythical Strawhat which can boost 29% dmg
      1k health thx

  3. CyberTools says:

    Right now this is #7 on Trending for Gaming! That just shows the amount of work the devs have put into this game, making it so popular🎉

  4. Cầu Giấy BĐS says:

    I appreciate the work they put in to the game to improve it

  5. A_Emperor says:

    We all appreciate your hard work on the game .
    I’m even hyped for the next update🔥
    Great job dev team👍

  6. Diganth Reddy says:

    Let’s appreciate the devs and their hard work. They worked sleepless nights so that we can have a better playing experience.

  7. Hailux Official says:

    I can’t belive how talented these developers are, y’all deserve to be the most played game in roblox, you all really put all your effort on making the game every time better 😀
    I love it <3

  8. GAMAKEN says:

    Shout out to all the devs who are of the small minority of developers with the player at mind completely! Keep being awesome

  9. Jake West says:

    It’s crazy how far this game have come in just two years, I can’t wait for these KRAZY updates. Keep up the great works devs I’m really looking forward to this 🎉

  10. Ender says:

    Honestly, just add 1v1s with region selection.

    A ranked system would be one of the best things to happen to the game at this point since everyone loves PVP. Lobbies would host a maximum of 100 or more players and people would have the capability of joining a lobby that matches the region they want to play in for the best ping AND experience possible.

    There could be alot of PVP rewards too, from seasonal unlocks to points you can use for exclusive equipment/accessories or even a fruit gacha along with ranked exclusive titles.

    It’s like a whole new world to explore and advance in outside of the main game.

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