The Future of TV is Bleak

The Future of TV is Bleak

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32 Responses

  1. Gideon The Great says:

    Dang it, I thought he stopped uploading

  2. TayZonday says:

    Yes, TV shows AND films are re-written as they happen. When you act on a show, you often get an updated script every two hours.

  3. Chilis For Jo says:

    On behalf of a writer, not even one in Hollywood, thank you. You’re saying everything I’ve been preaching to every single person I know, absolutely genius.

  4. space_107 says:

    So proud of Drew for improvising this entire video in solidarity with the strike.

  5. Jet90 says:

    As a programmer (who doesn’t agree with AI art or AI replacing artists), the “learn to code” thing pisses me off to no end. Coding is an art form in itself about how you think about approaching problems and come up with creative solutions to them, and the thought of other people seeing how imaginative and fun it can be brings me so much joy. People being snarky to writers/artists (or anyone in general) don’t just drive people away from getting into coding but also make it out like it’s a soulless thing that only exists to replace everything else (or just make it come across like the main reason people do it is just to feel like you’re better than everyone else who doesn’t). If I had a deep appreciation for an art and got told to give up creating what I love and learn how to code instead, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to get into coding because I wouldn’t want to become anything like the jackass demanding I get into it. People like this not only suck out the magic of creative arts, they also suck out the magic of coding too.

    • Conviter says:

      its funny because AI has the potential to replace programmers as much as artistic jobs.

    • Hanif Arroisi Mukhlis says:

      @Conviter Haha bet. Ain’t no way an AI can produce an fullstack app without it breaking the second it went online. Remember it’s not just lines and lines of code, you also need infrastructure to support it, and that requires dozens of engineer to keep it alive.

    • Conviter says:

      @Hanif Arroisi Mukhlis sure, but no one expects to just take the output from an AI and use it as a script without any sort of cleanup done by a person, right? Same thing applies to programming, you would still have to clean it up, maybe change some things, however, the AI can generate probably 90% of the code in seconds, which would still reduce the required workforce by a huge amount.

    • Lucas S says:

      @Hanif Arroisi Mukhlis I would be willing to bet an infinite amount of money that AI will be MUCH better suited to software development than abstract concepts like entertainment. Writing algorithms and designing systems is robust and well-defined. Humor, culture, cinematography… these are abstract, open to interpretation, and have no defined procedures. It’s obvious to see.

    • JollyTurbo1 says:

      @Conviter Tell me you don’t know how to program without telling me you don’t know how to program. The number of times I’ve tried to see if ChatGPT can generate even a simple bit of code and it’s gets it horribly wrong is crazy. It ultimately is faster to come up with a solution than it is to try to fix whatever broken code it produces. Maybe in the future it will be better, but I don’t expect to see software jobs taken by AI any time soon

  6. Jay HB says:

    Hey, remember. Writers are one of the MAIN reasons you get to enjoy the stories you do. The good content, the great movies, the catchy songs, the addictive tv shows — ALL OF IT. Writers have to write and rewrite scripts — sometimes on location — SO MANY times. It is an insanely stressful job with little return and they don’t even make much money off it in the long-run due to streaming bullshit. We HAVE to fight for writers to get better pay — in fact, they deserve MUCH, MUCH better pay and benefits than they are currently asking for, which is a measly sliver of what big execs get for doing next to nothing.

  7. Adrian Ghandtchi says:

    I really love this evolution of what kind of content you produce Drew, I feel like it has just become more thoughtful, keeping that sense of humor that you always do while on this journey. You’re awesome and I think this is one of the best videos I’ve seen from you. Edit: 9:21 suns out pretty stupid those companies can be.

  8. Reagan O'Malley says:

    treating underpaid writers like they’re apart of billionaires in hollywood is like thinking a walmart cashier is rich because they work for a billion dollar company

  9. 13realmusic says:

    This just made me realize how smart “A Black Lady Sketch Show” is set up. The entire cast minus the guest stars are all comedy writers. So they’re really all writers/producers/actors. And just look at what Quinta Brunson was able to do after with her show Abbott Elementary. There are more writers than there are actors of course and this makes more sense for a sketch comedy show than a drama.

  10. This Catania says:

    Drew really went hard with this video in a way I did not expect of him and has secure his place as one of my favorite youtubers

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