THE GAME AWARDS 2022: Official 4K Livestream: Star Wars, FINAL FANTASY XVI, Hades II, Halsey

THE GAME AWARDS 2022: Official 4K Livestream: Star Wars, FINAL FANTASY XVI, Hades II, Halsey

Celebrate the best video games of the year and see what’s next at THE GAME AWARDS. Hosted by Geoff Keighley, live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Featuring performances by The Game Awards Orchestra and Hozier, plus presenters including Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, Daniel Craig, Rian Johnson and Jessica Henwick, Ken and Roberta Williams, Josef Fares, Fuslie and Valkyrae, Animal from The Muppets and more!

Including world premieres of STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor, Tekken 8, Destiny 2: Lightfall, and more!

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47 Responses

  1. Not Elias Smith says:

    Props to Christopher Judge giving everyone ample time to grab a Steam Deck

    • Commando Nate says:

      “Everyone” lol

    • Joel D says:

      @Christopher  my guys Gere really thinking that’s racism lol

    • Chad Ballard says:

      @Christopher How can you possibly see that as racist? The dude just made a long ass speech. Judge even commented on it himself (and then just kept going lol). He took significantly longer than expected, which puts everyone else under pressure to speed things up. Honestly, I love Christopher Judge and God of War, but making a drawn-out out speech like that is straight up selfish. It’s inconsiderate to everyone else receiving an award. Jeff seemed genuinely caught off guard and maybe even a little annoyed, and as the host of the show I can’t say I blame him. It made his job harder. Race doesn’t have anything to do with it.

      Side note – Judge may have took too long, buy HOT DAMN did he look good doing it.

    • F#СК МЕ. СНECK MY РR0FILЕ says:


    • Game world says:

      Maybe giving bots more time, because i seen 7527494625284842 type of guys won more than i lose in Las Vegas.

  2. 𝘎𝘰𝘳𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘰 says:

    Legend has it that Christopher Judge continues to tell his story once the event is over

  3. Akeno Himejima says:

    For those wondering the kid at the end was NOT apart of the elden ring team and snuck on stage with them. He was arrested according to Geoff

  4. Chaos Criterion says:


  5. PonpaErostar GD says:

    29:19 Best mobile game
    35:41 Best fighting game
    38:49 Best eSports game
    39:02 Best eSports athlete
    39:17 Best eSports team
    39:28 Best eSports coach
    39:41 Best eSports event
    52:56 Best family game
    1:03:40 Best performance
    1:31:45 Best debut Indie
    1:44:29 Best adaptation
    2:08:31 Best narrative
    2:13:26 Best art direction
    2:13:43 Best VR/AR game
    2:14:00 Best sim/strategy game
    2:14:19 Best community support
    2:21:35 Games for impact
    2:40:08 Best sports/racing game
    2:40:27 Best multiplayer game
    2:40:49 Best audio design
    2:41:10 Content creator
    2:41:29 Most anticipated game
    2:44:52 Best action game
    3:01:37 Best score & music
    3:15:31 Innovation in accessibility
    3:22:16 Best role playing game
    3:22:32 Players voice
    3:23:00 Best independent game
    3:23:16 Best action/adventure game
    3:23:32 Best ongoing game
    3:28:58 Best game direction
    3:45:17 Game of the year

  6. FilmFreak says:

    I didn‘t expect this! The Game Awards were so long and we got so many trailers! Really inspires you to not only play games but also help creating them.

  7. Tomas Soto says:

    Great Game Awards, but definitely a weird ending

  8. Reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton says:

    Thank you for the nomination Amar. Truly an incredible moment for our country.

  9. ElitePraetorian says:

    The Orchestra killed it!

  10. The Lyadhkhor Strategist says:

    03:52:57 Last moments of stage invader before being shot by Geoff

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