The Game On Kanye West, Super Bowl Rumors, 50 Cent & G-Unit, Dr. Dre & More | Drink Champs

The Game On Kanye West, Super Bowl Rumors, 50 Cent & G-Unit, Dr. Dre & More | Drink Champs

N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN are the #DrinkChamps. In this episode, we chop it up with the one and only #TheGame!

The rapper kicks it and shares stories about his legendary career, working with Dr. Dre, his history with 50 Cent & G-Unit, Super Bowl rumors and much more!

Los Angeles Confidential also talks about his latest & most controversial song to date “EAZY” w/ Ye aka Kanye West.

Game pulled up determined to make this a TOP 5 episode in “Drink Champs” history with lots of great stories that you don’t want to miss!!!!

Wack 100 also joins us the conversation!

Make some noise!!! 💐💐💐🏆🏆🏆 #interview

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34 Responses

  1. Slave of God says:

    I can’t even lie, Drink champs is the funniest thing because y’all setup your guests to be drunk asf and have them say some regretful things 🤣🤣

  2. C says:

    The fact this man drank a whole bottle and his speech is still coherent is crazy

  3. Hands andFeet says:

    This the only podcast I will watch for 4 hours… Drink Champs is the G.O.A.T 💯

  4. Mazucamba Rodriguez says:

    Defenitely one of the best episodes ever. Game a livin legend no matter what some ppl think of him. His catalogue speaks for itself.

  5. BlessedDivinely says:

    YAY!… Nore is doing sooooo much better; he didn’t interrupt as much so this was an enjoyable interview. 🎉

  6. Diverse Mentality says:

    The lies on this one about to be LEGENDARY!! lmao

    • Ralph Blake says:

      @WTF198 cus the industry is the industry and is he no-polar I’m not sure about that I’m not a psychiatrist. But I live here and no everything he say is cap. Like certain rappers have things on they jacket but money keep people quiet. This is why I said in Compton that’s why the city don’t stand up for him when he start talking like Hulk Hogan. But they know the fans can be manipulated and respectfully yall believe anything but the truth. Another fact he wasn’t gonna be the west coast rep for G-unit and was about to get dropped til 50 seen the movement moving and it was money to be made.

    • WTF198 says:

      @Ralph Blake Why doesn’t anyone reputable from LA or the industry call him out on it? Also isn’t he bi polar?

    • Ralph Blake says:

      @WTF198 Shootouts in Compton knowing about Kendrick being in that program. How he was signed to aftermath even G-unit he was about to get dropped until a situation happen and how Cedar Block is and was around that time like I’m from Compton and lived off of Wilmington and Stockwell bottom like this dude just been lying

    • Man_eee says:

      Look at all these lil G-Unit Toy Soldiers tryna @ me to play with them HAHA 😆 I’m too grown to play with you toys Go play with yourselves. Go to your room and do your Hip Hop homework. I already know the history.

    • WTF198 says:

      @Ralph Blake Like what though..?

  7. TSO Nyana Wakhona says:


  8. S Lewis says:

    *Legend* can be defined by and in categories, because if a person’s work or deed influences generations after generations, that certainly qualifies them as legendary; past/present!!!

  9. NoNameMusic says:

    There’s a difference from hip-hop legends and rap or lyrical legends. Kidd n Play are hip-hop legends.

  10. Sanele Sean Mbingo says:

    I’m sitting through already 2 hours and the stories just keep getting better. Game is a child of hip he knows stories from back then.

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