The Game on Meek Mill & The Kardashians

The Game on Meek Mill & The Kardashians

The Game sets the record straight about his feud with Meek Mill and reveals how many Kardashians he’s slept with.

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20 Responses

  1. Janell Ahenkorah says:

    Isit me or does The Game seem thirsty for attention ?

  2. Queen Vanessa says:

    It’s just hip hop!? More like White suburban girl drama. #TweeterBeef

  3. crystal jones says:

    Who else cant wait to hear wendy talk about Brad pitt an Angelina Divorce !

  4. KingMichi “KingMichiMUA” TheMUA says:

    somebody please list who Kim hasn’t slept with yet….. I don’t wanna ask
    who she slept with, I don’t think there is enough space for that

  5. Joy A says:

    So he’s mad at Meek for “snitching” on him but he comes on a show and
    spreads three women’s business and for what reason? Also, I don’t even
    believe Meek “snitched”, I think Game wanted attention for his album.

  6. Lamine Diallo says:

    Patiently waiting for the media to go crazy with this info lol

  7. Byron Maxad says:

    game officially dead in my eyes

  8. Shari says:

    He’s so corny for this interview. he could have smiled and kept it moving

  9. Miss. Andretti says:

    God the Kardashians are WHORES!!!

  10. Georgia Peach says:


  11. Sierrathegoat says:

    Kinda fucked up putting those girls on blast, but im laughing and I love it

  12. Moheb Ahmadzai says:

    when he said tricky i thought he was talking about caitlyn

  13. Pape Benoit says:

    damn her boobs are huge

  14. Ahmed Gautier says:

    Damnn who hasn’t slept with Kim K?

  15. Tavia Calvin says:

    Sisters that have slept with the same man (men) is beyond disgusting.

  16. Malamute says:

    The Game fucked Rob Kardashian, Caitlyn and Brody Jenner

  17. Michelle D says:

    When he said 3 Kardashians and not Kortney or the mom I was thinking Rob
    not Black Chyna

  18. Deanna B says:

    Funny how all this drama with him and meek poppin up right before his album
    release ???

  19. Kenya Jones says:

    Face like oops.. I just told Kanye I slept with his wife ?

  20. Mz Chavez says:

    The game is so fucking messy and I love it ?