The Ghostbusters Casts Unite

The Ghostbusters Casts Unite

Past and present Ghostbusters unite as Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Annie Potts are joined onstage by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

Bryan Cranston’s Super Sweet 60

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The Ghostbusters Casts Unite

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20 Responses

  1. SharksFartingOutLasers says:

    The clip isn’t that bad tbh.

  2. Geek Out SA! says:

    this is awesome

  3. Jon Grimes says:


  4. James T. Kirk says:

    Jesus. Bill Murray looks older than my grandfather. That’s one hell of a
    drug kids.

  5. aestheticstorm says:

    So forced. So awkward. And Bill is so old.

  6. E MB says:

    I don’t care that all the ghostbusters are female. I happen to like each of
    BUT the reason why this reboot looks like crap is because it is over the
    top in your face cheesy humor. The humor in the original was subtle, not a
    joke every minute. This one is trying too hard to be a funny movie but it’s
    jokes are just lame.

  7. Nero Angelo says:

    leslie Jones looks like seto kaiba

  8. ThomasMoar says:

    You can see Bill’s hopelessness. He knows it, we know it. It’s an unspoken
    critique, but we both know, from what we’ve seen and what we feel in our
    gut – that this film is going to suck balls.

  9. Steve Cullum says:

    Maybe it’s my fault for watching this, but I didn’t realize the old cast
    was in this new movie. I kinda feel like that was spoiled in this
    interview. If it was in a trailer I missed, then that’s my bad I guess. But
    I would have rather been surprised by them showing up instead of knowing
    ahead of time. …IF I end up watching this anyway.

  10. Robert Regalado says:

    Looks better than the TMNT2014 garbage reboot.

  11. 涅槃 says:

    I hope this bombs

  12. Corbin Matamoros says:

    Just as I suspected. Many dislikes.

  13. GreenApple300 says:

    This is painful to watch the original cast seem so unamused ?

  14. MrGreenCheddar says:

    Can we please let the movie industry know we are not going to take it any
    more when it comes to shitty movies like this obvious lazy cash grab reboot
    train wreck? EVEN if they hold charity events held on late night talk shows
    with guest appearances of people we actually like.

    I love you Bill, and I am sorry but I have to sadly decline seeing this
    Stay Puft Marshmallow Man size turd.

  15. Mr.DunkelBerry says:

    Bill Murray’s face after the clip speaks for itself…

  16. ZiGGA says:

    So is Bill Murray in the movie or what?… I’d love it to be true.

  17. Henry Calatrello says:

    Worst remake ever

  18. Andrea Maffione says:

    I identify as a transphantom ectosexual, I don’t understand why we ghosts
    are always seen as terrible monsters, I believe this internalized hate of
    non-binary, non-dead-or-alive persons is extremely problematic and causing
    so much grevious pain among the transliving community.
    Maybe you should check your living privilege, you shitlords.

  19. warhog419 says:

    horrible. just horrible.

  20. Anthony Hernandez says:

    anyone else noticed Jimmy said gus instead of ghost?