The Girlfriend’s math lesson.

The Girlfriend’s math lesson.

Just half his age?

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20 Responses

  1. Nic Jen says:

    These comments are so mean. People have dumb moments doesn’t mean they’re
    dumb people. Relax

  2. fandanstan says:

    You cannot deny her utter adorableness though. You just can’t.

  3. Paul Issa says:

    funny how everyone in the comments seemed to have gotten it, not one person
    admitted to making a mistake, there’s no one more perfect than the comment
    section on youtube

  4. Peter Hill says:

    For some reason, I got the feeling that she didn’t get it, but just said
    that she did.

  5. Katetacos says:

    hahaha straight up brain fart! it happens to all of us once in awhile


    Goals (cause no one else said it)

  7. Nightli says:

    so dumb

  8. Ak Moh says:

    fuck I woulda titled it “my side chick don’t get the joke”

  9. Yojimbo413 says:

    This is why there aren’t many woman in STEM xD

  10. Hallusion says:


  11. bigbangnone says:

    Only if the little brother studies real hard and builds a new energy source
    for a spacecraft engine and takes a trip in his shinny new spaceship
    traveling near the speed of light. Then returns to Earth.
    Which will result in the little bother being 50 while the older brother is

  12. Elle Noina says:

    LOL Awesome

  13. judizzx says:

    Does not mean she is stupid! I’m a math teacher, and I first thought 50!

  14. Deadpool says:

    I bet she swallows.

  15. quinnisquinn says:

    Suck on this feminazis

  16. givememore4free says:

    I bet that she thinks Chicken of the Sea Tuna is made out of Chicken.

  17. Kaleb Jonathon says:

    Trending Section

  18. nb6918 says:

    This is not funny. It’s actually kinda scary how I’ve seen a lot of videos
    similar to this one where the girl is an incompetent buffoon. It doesn’t
    matter how good she looks. Dump her, pronto.

  19. Isaac Flórez says:

    this is classic YouTube

  20. Jt Rolfsen says:

    i dont get it