The Golden Nugget Is BACK! But Came With A Big Problem

The Golden Nugget Is BACK! But Came With A Big Problem

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Guess who’s back, back again?! We got the Golden Nugget back from @Robby Layton and it’s one step closer to getting back to Ed. It didn’t come without a little bit of trouble though! Check it out!
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24 Responses

  1. Just Juan says:

    It’s really upsetting that people are ruining it for Ed. And making an already difficult job even more difficult.

    That being said, she looks really good. Almost there!

    • Nick Dard says:

      @Jeremiah Carrico Or people just need to keep their traps shut and enjoy the journey without trying to insert themselves into it.

    • Don’t Look At My Profile Photo says:

      Don’t look at my name..

    • M M says:

      I couldn’t believe what i heard when the 2 idiots made comment about the golden nugget right in front of Ed (we didn’t see it but were told about it) hopefully if they are regulars around that area that they have been pointed out to everyone involved to steer clear of them.
      It’s looking Awesome !

    • David Woerman Sr says:

      @Notarobot because they asked their fans not to say anything to Ed forgetting there’s trolls everywhere who live such miserable lives they only get joy out of upsetting people or making others miserable they forget not everyone watching is like them and kind hearted some have to be the 1rst to say something isn’t don’t care who they hurt or how much they hurt them or how much hard work and dedication they f@ck up in the process

    • terry folds says:

      @Notarobot sounds like a personal problem

  2. Chuck Dworak says:

    My hat is off to everyone that has been involved in this whole entire project you guys and gals are just awesome Ed is one lucky man to have such friends in his life

  3. Sean Miller says:

    When Matt and the crew pulled the Nugget out of that canyon, I had absolutely no idea how much entertainment I’d get from watching it come back to life. On one hand, I can’t wait to see it finished. On the other hand, I want the restoration to go on forever. HUGE THANKS to all of you for the many hours of fun this has been. ❤️

  4. Lucus Dempsey says:

    Just like everyone else I can’t wait to see Ed’s face when he sees it. Everyone has went above and beyond on it! Amazing work by all!

  5. Lance Leavitt says:

    Please remember, Ed’s a prospector. He’s used to looking for gold nuggets, so you
    might want to be extra careful trying to hide his new ride.

  6. Trail-Wolf4x4 says:

    Hey Big Props to everyone who helped in keeping the surprise a surprise!
    Can’t wait to see her when she’s done

    • Peter Charles says:

      And a big slap upside the head of the idiots that spilled the beans to Ed! I think he knows whats going on at this point.

  7. Patrick Faricy says:

    I can’t believe how good the nugget looks right now. It is impossible to tell that it is the same vehicle that you guys first pulled out of the back 40.
    Great work, can’t wait for the reveal.

  8. Larry Davidson says:

    It looks absolutely great,waiting for the big reveal. Considering all the work everyone has put in this to surprise Ed, just keep it to yourselves don’t ruin this for all these good people and most of all Ed.

  9. Goat Boy says:

    Come on now y’all we don’t want this labor of love to go to waste, just remember it’s going to be like Christmas for everyone who’s been watching when we see Ed’s face light up the first time he lays eyes on the new Golden Nugget.

  10. dzzope says:

    Love the work. only 1 lil tiny thing that will help in long run.

    The rear lights you clamped round the body need a rubber seal each side to stop water getting in them and rotting it out.
    As a bonous, it will also lift them slightly more out of the recess

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