The Grand Tour: Launch Date

The Grand Tour: Launch Date

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will launch The Grand Tour weekly, every Friday from 18th November exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. What could possibly go wrong?

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20 Responses

  1. Steve L says:

    “what could possibly go wrong?”
    Not enough food on the set.

  2. boy638 says:

    BBC just shit their pants seeing this in their sub box

  3. Ash Mercury says:

    HYPE !!!!! Finally a car show worth watching

  4. WKDworks says:

    Unless you give the rest of the world a way to watch it legally at the same
    time or close to the same time you’re gonna have a bad time!

  5. DevPack says:

    Some say the BBC is shtting bricks right now.

  6. Maggio Man says:

    I better not see any ads playing while I am streaming this series.

  7. Seaf Halabi says:

    The grand tour is the best car show…… In the world. ?

  8. Stuart Harper says:

    Finally the day as come. Sad I can’t binge it. However at least the trio is

  9. Fishfingers232 says:

    omg omg the holy trinity driven by the trio on the same track at once.

  10. hambone h says:

    Looks great. Pity Amazon Prime is not in Australia. Time to welcome back my
    old friend pirate bay

  11. Bogey Central says:

    a little wee just came out……….

  12. M4 says:

    is anyone here waiting for the race between Maclaren p1 , Ferrari laferrari
    and Porsche 918 or just me? I’m so excited to see that happening ×_×

  13. Judgey19XX says:

    R.I.P Top Gear, I couldn’t even watch a third episode of the new series but
    this looks amazing :D

  14. That Guy says:

    can’t wait til this is on putlocker

  15. Mr Robot says:

    Lets binge watch some old top gear episodes on Dave.

  16. Hasan Malik says:

    Finally we get to see la ferrari vs. P1 vs. Porsche 918

  17. FreeTheRocks says:

    65 Top Gear USA fans gave this a Thumbs Down.

  18. Tom Leonard (Thydar) says:

    ‘What could possibly go wrong?’ well we will see about that xD I’m so damn
    hyped for this.

  19. zayn riasat says:

    just make a new Amazon account every 30 days: BAM free Amazon prime for

  20. SoKratz says:

    RIP BBC, It’s like what Battlefield 1 did to COD..