The Grand Tour: The Official Trailer

The Grand Tour: The Official Trailer

Watch the trailer from new Amazon Original show, The Grand Tour, featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. The Grand Tour streams weekly on Amazon Prime Video beginning 18th of November.

Music: Kongos – Come With Me Now

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20 Responses

  1. Leon S. Kennedy says:

    I’ll pay for Amazon Prime and put the episodes on TPB so everyone can enjoy

    No need to thank me!

    Fuck Amazon :^)

  2. Hasan Malik says:

    This one trailer is better than all the top gear series put together…

  3. WeBe says:

    I honestly can’t wait for this, looks crazy good!

    If anyone is wondering the song is:

    Kongos – Come With Me Now


  4. Marcy2200 says:

    I hope this will be on netflix sometime

  5. Moses ainsz says:

    you can torrent 4k right? *legally obliged to say that I’m joking,
    illegally downloading material is against the law*

  6. b0unceR96 says:

    looks sick , however I really wish they will still do some “low budget car
    challanges” , these were always the funniest ones :D

  7. bouqdir abdessamad says:

    Finally they are shooting in MOROCCO, i can’t wait to watch this amazing
    program ’cause we all miss TOP GEAR and this is gonna bring all the fun
    that is missing now a day in TV :D

  8. Hamzoute says:

    the view to like ratio is incredible I haven’t seen that since the infinite
    warfare’s dislikes

  9. DWGames says:

    The 164 dislikes are from 164 different accounts owned by Chris Evans

  10. Zack says:

    Only thing missing was hearing Jeremy scream “POWWAAAAAA”

    This show looks incredible

  11. Mr Always Right says:


  12. freekickerz says:

    This is AMAZING !!

  13. MehdiNPartDeux says:

    So, which arm did he brake?

  14. HowiDoit says:

    R.I.P *Top Gear*

  15. phon_11 says:

    This looks so bloody good!

  16. Ahmad Jabaren says:

    For those who are wondering the song is called Come With Me Now

  17. Yega says:

    I just can’t wait to have these 3 back on my TV again, damn you BBC for
    making me wait this long!

  18. Yusef Ali says:

    feels more scripted than TG but i’ll take it

  19. aakburns says:

    This looks like a movie.

  20. How To Make Sushi says:

    This looks really good! cant wait