The Grand Tournament Trailer

The Grand Tournament Trailer

Mount up and make your way to the most fun festival in all of Hearthstone! Champions, noble steeds, pirates, and more await you in Hearthstone’s second expansion: The Grand Tournament!

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel Alvarado says:

    is that Ron Jeremy at 0:37?

  2. Feras Albar says:

    hahahahahahahhaha XD

  3. TheBear withbeer says:

    Can i have a 10 hour version, please. i love this trailer too much :D

  4. Bell Idrael says:

    Yup, it’s official.

    Blizzard caters to children now.

  5. Márk Nincsics says:

    Someone can write the lyrics for me? Please

  6. Alfred Ashford says:

    As catchy as Goblin and Gnomes is, as epic Curse of Naxxramas is, as much
    as I could sing along to the Black Rock folk tune, I have to say this is
    the best opening trailer (also narrated by Clopin from Hunchback of Notre
    Dome(?) so far. P.S, if there is no card in which a pirate is legitimately
    riding a giant patriot, than I think I quit.

  7. stolza04 says:

    Did anyone else notice the 5 additional legendries for Warlock?

  8. RandomGamerCory says:

    so 0:40 new race comfirmed?

  9. Creeper Boss says:

    The scourge will conume you!

  10. Holden Mcgroine says:

    +Stormwind Champion get in there and fight maggot i got the beast in my

  11. Stefan Milovanov says:

    0:07 Wilfred Fizzlebang!

  12. Jerk Cola says:

    So does anyone else as well already know the lyrics by heart? :D

  13. MrDarkenson says:

    Pirates riding Parrots? I smell new flying mount for new expansion. The one
    about South Seas. Maybe Game Store one but definetly a mount.

  14. alexq valdez says:

    not bad i love this game been playing since s1 i like where its going

  15. Lol159cz says:

    Can someone write this song text

  16. Tasty says:

    Still waiting for the Blizzard-Disney musical crossover.

  17. Michael Schmitz says:

    Sooooo, last years winner was… Ron Jeremy?

  18. Alex Christ says:

    I was so excited until i realized rogue is absolute garbage for this update
    y u do dis blizzard

  19. FrozenEternity says:

    New Hearthstone patch incoming. Seems like its the Argent Tournament with
    some silliness added.
    I can’t wait!

  20. MadPropzBaller says:

    I don’t play Hearthstone, but the quality of Blizzard’s trailers and game
    aesthetics never ceases to amaze me.