The Great Resignation: Why Millions Of Workers Are Quitting

The Great Resignation: Why Millions Of Workers Are Quitting

Americans are leaving their jobs in droves. In August 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs. While some people have left the workforce entirely, job security and better pay are top concerns for others. Dubbed “The Great Resignation”, the exodus of workers has created hiring challenges for companies and left millions of jobs unfilled. More than half of U.S. workers surveyed said they plan to look for a new job in the coming year, according to Bankrate’s August jobseeker survey. Some 56% of respondents said adjustable working hours and remote work were a priority. Working women have faced an additional burden, juggling childcare duties, virtual schooling and their careers. So, what does the realignment of the workforce mean for employees and businesses? And what steps should you take before quitting your job?

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The Great Resignation: Why Millions Of Workers Are Quitting

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55 Responses

  1. Aceman says:

    i quit in august because the pay was ass and the hours were long too. Got a new job end of September that payed almost double.

  2. Don Rubix says:

    Working yourself down to the bone for an ungrateful employer and low pay is overrated.

    • little dude from across the street says:

      @Xexomaru lol right

    • AavantiRah Inclusive says:

      @Xexomaru True. You have to have two full time jobs as a buffer to have a bit of a savings and in case one job lets you go.

    • AavantiRah Inclusive says:

      @Lance H Thank you so much. I needed to read this. This confirms what I have been seeing for years.

    • Xexomaru says:

      @Caleb Kang depends, working for yourself on your own startup? hell yeah, give it all bro! but for another person? thats just plain stupid, sorry. But its true

    • Feared Beard77 says:

      @Quentin Manson Yea, they should be adding that to the other 54% of the budget that goes to instruments of war. It totally benefits you, when we invade other countries based on lies for 20 years and accomplish nothing, eh? We sure as hell shouldn’t be helping the millions of people less fortunate, in case some slip through and abuse the system.

  3. Hank Zane says:

    Employers: no one wants to work
    Employees: no one wants to work *FOR YOU*

  4. T D says:

    People are tired of demeaning garbage jobs where they get treated like animals by both the business and the customers, all for pay that can’t sustain a single person.

    • Empress Gigantor 42 Esquire says:

      Hi Sanic!

    • Peter Stainer says:

      @J Hutt people in America get upset when a minimum wage job made for teenagers doesn’t support them well how else would we have 1 dollar hamburgers if we paid them more the hamburgers would be 10 bucks

    • J Hutt says:

      @Peter Stainer We have 2-3 dollar hamburgers here. But there’s much less employees, who do everything, not just waitering, and many places the call and you get up and pick the food from counter yourself.

    • Loom says:

      @mastersnet18 that’s right but not common.
      You can all be RE entrepreneur blah blah, sure you could learn to code making money yourself heck I’m learning aerospace engineering in uni right now and my friend learn DevOps alone does 100k annually but he’s the exception, you can open a business but most fail so if you don’t have a plan or inherited business you’ll end up wasting time and money stop being delusional thinking you can sell courses or be overnight crypto millionaire sure it might work for some but most lose money just like lottery, so yeah if you wanna be rich by being “smart” forget it all smart people had to work their ass to get to where they are anyone telling you differently is profiting from you buying their courses

    • Btd6 K1ng says:

      Thanks for telling people why they quit. Don’t know if they would of figured out, if you didn’t remind them. I mean I quit a job a long time ago, and I was completely lost didn’t have no news station to tell me why I quit, I just had to make up an excuse why. So good thanks for letting them know.

  5. Stephen Jacks says:

    Ask the employers, that abruptly laid people off, where their “loyal” employees went.

  6. Willie Nelson Gonzalez says:

    A vast number of corporations don’t care about those who’re struggling. Sadly, if mass resignations is what it takes for scrupulous employers to wake up and realise you need to treat your employees much better then so be it!

  7. Ed Cochran says:

    A lot of employment advertisements are listing fake pay rates. Most CNA jobs here in Florida are listed at $18 to $20 an hour. But when you call the real pay rates are between $10 to $12 an hour. This is typical for Florida.

    • Walden says:

      @Steve H The whole economy is connected. When one sector suffers,it will affect another sector like a domino falling will eventually take down the rest of the dominoes. Once you think these food sector jobs can be expendable refusing to pay people a living wage, these people will no longer be participating in the economy then other sectors will lose customers as well, which means they will have to lay off workers compounding the problem, eventually it will collapse the entire economy like what happen in the Great Depression. You may think because you are sitting pretty on your well-paying job, once the dominoes fall, you will be next to fall and by that time it will be too late to save the system. We will become a third world nation.

    • Steve H says:

      @Walden You grossly overestimate how many are working these jobs. WHEN those jobs are gone, the workers will adapt and find something else. Do you really think those displaced workers will do nothing and take themselves out of being a consumer? LMAO Those jobs WILL be largely gone in the next 10 years. An entire McDonald’s will be ran by a fraction of the number of workers that are there today. We have less workers than we did 20 years ago due to kiosks and partial automation. It’s going to continue until there are literally a manager, a robot tech, and a couple of runners.

      Instead of trying to convince society how valuable your jobs are, realize that it’s not and how replaceable it is and line yourself up for the future for an actual career that means something. And believe me, those careers WILL pay a living wage and then some.

      Take the advice that’s good for you, or don’t and stand by as you let yourself go obsolete at a mindless job that was NEVER meant to be a career. Nobody is stopping you, but yourself.

    • Yuri Davila says:

      @Walden Different times, women work too now, so half that would bring the same income to a household.

    • Yuri Davila says:

      @Walden The rich aren’t hoarding money lol They’re investing it all otherwise they’re losing money from inflation. The reason money is being printed so much is government spending, they keep printing money to pay for larger and larger programs. It’s actually amazing we’re not in Zimbabwe hyperinflation now with so much money printing going on.

    • J . P Goodwin says:

      @Walden It is called the velocity of money. the more money circulates at the bottom end the richer and healthier the economy as it all circulates to the top end eventually. It is like a tree, feed and water the roots and it thrives, just feed and water the leaves and a small wind will blow it over as the roots and trunk are weak and it is eternally dependent on leaf feeding and watering

  8. non A says:

    Average employee: “I’d like to have a job-crafting conversation”
    Average employer: “No, also we lost some employees so I need you to do x, y, and z on top of your usual work by the end of the day today”
    Average employee: “Haha, no, I quit”
    Average employer: *surprised pikachu*

    • John Henderson says:

      When quit my job, my employer was shocked They all think that you cannot live without being their slave

    • Frances McStay says:

      Yep. Every time someone was laid off the remaining ones got so much extra work for no extra pay. It’s very demoralizing.

    • Adrian Villanueva says:

      Pet Shop Boys: You’ve the brains, I’ve got the brains. Let’s make lots of money.💰💵

    • Arthillis says:

      @Frances McStay Yup thats how it is everywhere. My current job i like for the most part but we have half the number of people doing it compared to when i was first hired years ago. I don’t think its fully because of covid but because of the employer is like ohhh you guys can pull it off with less people after all. The added stress and frustration though is causing people to quit and then because of the high learning curve of the job and pay compared to similar jobs is making it difficult to function. Even though pay may be slightly higher elsewhere its not quite enough to cause me to try and get hired elsewhere tell i finish school. Also unlike this news article the grass isnt always greener elsewhere. Just because your current job is working you over doesn’t mean other jobs out their wont do the same.

  9. 44Jim Cordell says:

    The fact that people are quitting their jobs I believe is a good sign. It shows that those individuals believe in the job market such that they feel they can do better for themselves. If they are leaving their job voluntarily they do not qualify for unemployment. So they are not quitting to sit at home and watch Gilligan’s Island. They’re leaving their job to go to another job with better pay and better benefits. I know I did.

  10. 845835ab says:

    The key word is “JOBS”. There is a huge difference between a job versus a career and the fact is we can go back to the 1980’s and see that our mighty job creators have been converting careers into low paying high turnover JOBS.

    • Crazy prayingmantis says:

      People are realising that they’re trading their limited time on this planet for an unlimited supply of fiat currency.

      A currency that is being debased, therefore you have to work harder for longer so the purchasing power of your money doesn’t decrease.
      It also means the cost of everything is being inflated.

      We don’t have to trade our time for THEIR unlimited supply of money anymore, we have Bitcoin

    • Ur Tubin says:

      There is no such thing as a career. It’s a lie to keep you enslaved.

    • alex stupa says:

      @Crazy prayingmantis so what happens when bitcoin tanks? When the fad is over? Also, I’d like to know what stores accept bitcoin as payment..

    • jAxA says:

      @alex stupa Tesla, etc. Look it up.

    • 845835ab says:

      @Ur Tubin Oh no children there was such a thing. Gather around and let me tell you tales of something called a pension and good medical benefits that you actually were allowed to keep even after you did something once known as retiring. There were things called vacation, sick time, and even something known as job security. Oh it was a glorious time but eventually the mighty job creators bought the politicians and turned careers into low paying high turn over JOBS. The mighty job creators said trust us to take care of you and the masses believed. By the time they realized that the mighty job creators were lying it was too late because now there was no protection. Then came a pandemic and with it thus came the dawn of The Great Resignation. A time when the masses realized that life was too short to work in slave labor jobs like Amazon warehouses and disgusting fast food joints.

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