The Greatest Round Of My Life

The Greatest Round Of My Life

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28 Responses

  1. Bailey Woodhams says:

    This is the Garrett we need in good good majors

  2. George Spalding says:

    Garrett swing tempo today was fantastic. When he doesn’t try to swing too fast, this is the kind of result he gets. Consistent swing speed and course management like this and Garrett demonstrates how good he is.

  3. Joshua Williams says:

    Ive watched Garrett since he was doing trick shots in his parents backyard. To see the golfer and man he has become is inspiring

  4. Alfa George says:

    Yo the intro was dope and nostalgic, gotta give it up to Garrett for putting in the work through the years. Sheesh…

    • Jiminy Kricket says:

      Lots of people complain that Garrett is so lucky, has it easy, ect., (not saying he isn’t lucky entirely, what a dream job), but man has he ever ground it out to be where he is today; Not only with his game (hell of a score, holy balls), but professionally the man is shaping to be an industry giant, if he isn’t considered one already. I honestly doubt that many people in this world can be as tenacious as that guy. Absolute madlad for sure.

  5. Joe Norsworthy says:

    Very happy for you and AJ that he was there to share this moment with you. As an old guy, I am optimistic about the future when I see young men and women mature, grow, and embrace new challenges in whatever they do. Great playing — but more importantly, great balance of desire and appreciation. Congrats.

  6. Landon Thrift says:

    Who else thinks g-rat should keep big bertha in his bag

  7. maistro17 says:

    This is the best video you have done so far. The music, the tempo, the excitement, the golf were absolutely perfect. Congrats on the 65, I am sure 64 is coming shortly.

    • JD Kumpe says:

      I totally agree. The entire vibe of the video was so good. I genuinely feel like this is the best GM Golf video I have ever seen.

  8. perrych2012 says:

    What a round! Garrett has such a calm attitude to his golf – an example to any young golfer to just be calm and take the knocks but come back at the next hole. Added to that divine smooth swing, Garrett is great communicator: informative, fun and seems so at home on camera. Without doubt the best golf stuff on YouTube.

  9. Carlos P says:

    ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!? Hell of a round young man, wow. Just an absolute stick Garrett Clark 👏 editing team with incredible work, had me at the edge of my seat. Crazy that you took a 45 min break at the turn with how well you were playing and didn’t miss a beat on the back. Really enjoyed watching this one.

  10. Slick Stevie says:

    wow what a round

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