The Greatest Tax Bill Ever Sold | December 6, 2017 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

The Greatest Tax Bill Ever Sold | December 6, 2017 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

Billionaires prayed and prayed for relief from taxes and the Republican Gods smiled upon them.

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49 Responses

  1. Laura Gadille says:

    Welcome to America were we don’t give a fk about you

  2. Jenny T33 says:

    “I’m not like you Dad, I don’t have vertebra” 😂😂😂

  3. Imoddest Oddish says:

    So pro life they’ll give college help to a foetus over real life living and breathing black teenagers. Wow.

    • Qorelin says:

      The bill also redefines life as starting at conception. Don’t pull out fast enough and the morning after pill turns out to be a college fund.

    • Worst Commenter On Youtube says:

      Yee Vita you forgot the jails. They’re pro life until the kid has no choice but to sell drugs. Then they go to jail and then their life is ruined forever.

  4. Toad Jiang says:

    As Bernie Sanders put it, Trump’s tax bill is the single greatest looting in American history.

  5. Ayobami Macaulay says:

    Well America . You’ve done it now.

  6. David Hill says:

    Well, if there’s one thing Republican politicians don’t want to waste their money on, it’s women.

  7. Ryan Rentfro says:

    America, you’re a mess!

  8. Yusen Ye says:

    I want that blazer

    • avedic says:

      She rocks it. As a man…I sometimes get rather annoyed by how uncreative men’s fashion tends to be. I mean, there’s good stuff…but women have WAY more options when it comes to fashion. Men are expected to be so…stoic. It’s sometimes quite boring to be expected to be like that…

  9. Siddhant Pandey says:

    The GOP would, say Varys once put it, “see this country burn if he could be the king of the ashes”

  10. Latanville says:

    I’m so happy they can get that tax break they deserve for the upkeep of their private jets. Really warms my heart. Hope they can buy that second yacht they always wanted with the money they saved.

    • Devonzell Pernell says:

      Latanville You mean the money they stole from the middle class and poor.

    • Gauss24 says:

      don’t forget about the golf course and their estates, it’s like oprah once said “free car for u, and u, and u over there, and you…oh wait scratch that, ur poor”

    • Worst Commenter On Youtube says:

      I know Samantha is so mean, don’t you know the rich needs this money more than the poor? They need to buy a vacation mansion.

  11. Sympath der Seefahrer says:

    Bye American middle class, it was nice knowing you … .

  12. vexxama says:

    So, it goes through at 2am, with insufficient time for the amendments to be read, they’re hand written and unreadable, some are cut off by copiers, big business admit they won’t reinvest the saving the tax breaks give the, while a lot of the taxes slashed only affect the personal wealth of the richest Americans….did I miss anything else?

    • Nurlinda F Sihotang says:

      and oh how they already have profit. and excess capital. hohoho…nightmare before chrismast comes with great depression 2.0 and automations.
      ….now we would get ready for US immigrant worker

    • neeneko says:

      You missed that the corporate tax slashing did not even make it into the bill, so wealthy individuals made out well, religious groups (esp schools) made out well, and countless special interests got new exemptions, but pretty much everyone they claimed they were going to help either got nothing or a tax hike.

    • Dire Dare says:

      You missed, that healthcare will become unaffordable for a lot of people and they even put drilling rights for antarctica in their ‚tax bill‘

    • Devin Ward says:

      vexxama they’re not even pretending to care at this point

  13. Messofanego says:

    How dare people spend money and boost the economy. Keep it all to yourselves and let it T R I C K L E D O W N.

  14. Barry Kaine says:

    “The deadliest form of violence is poverty.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

    • Deadpoolio The Amazing says:

      Can we starve trump? But he already acts as tho he’s poor, BC according to him his house is on fire n he’s smoking wondering why

  15. Sean Miffin James says:

    You need to run for office..ANY office! You got my vote!!

  16. J Morris says:

    This is why there is no ‘conversation’ to be had with republicans about ‘different opinions’ there is no ‘different opinion or view’ when your side is literal evil.

  17. Drm R says:

    The incomplete tax bill was bad but made worse by literal last minute personal write ins. And not a single senator that voted for this bill even knew what was actually in the bill. Yep becuase that’s how lawmakers should always pass major, potentially devestating, legislation.

    • Qorelin says:

      They can claim literally anything is in the bill since the handwritten parts are illegible.

      “See this part here, this part of the bill says we annex Canada. Ready the troops.”

  18. Marlo Hardiman says:

    Poor ppl are out here not investing because they are wasting all their money on food, shelter, and clothing. 😑

  19. TheGerm24 says:

    That Chuck Grassley comment should be played in every Democratic Senate commercial. Remember Romney’s 47% BS from 2012? Grassley’s comment is worse. People that aren’t rich don’t just spend money on frivolous things, they buy food, housing, education, etc.

  20. arbknight12 says:

    It’s French Revolution time!
    Break out the guillotine!

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