The Greeks and Romans – Pantheons Part 3: Crash Course World Mythology #9

The Greeks and Romans – Pantheons Part 3: Crash Course World Mythology #9

This week, we continue our look at various Pantheons, and Mike digs deep into the gods of the ancient Greeks. We’re talking Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Artemis, Hephaestos, Ares, and Apollo. We’re also talking Jupiter, Juno, Neptune, Pluto, Diana, Vulcan, Mars, and…Apollo. Similar gods, different names. We’ll start with the origin stories of the gods, talk about their family relationships, and what exactly their specialties are.

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20 Responses

  1. Violet Moon says:

    The mythology surrounding the Greeks and Romans is truly fascinating and the ways that the Romans tried to incorporate other religions into their belief systems is very interesting

  2. Just a lonely blobfish says:

    Actually as of right now Apollo is going by Lester, and he’s not a god anymore.

  3. Raj Kapadia says:

    Can’t wait till they get to modern day myths like Christianity and Islam…

  4. personnette19 nunyabiznes says:

    Question: About how many plates were smashed on the floor in the process of making this video?

  5. DefconDavid says:

    Percy Jackson is the best demigod.

    EDIT: 9:24 Just Percy and Annabeth chilling on Olympus

  6. Scout McLoud says:

    Why can’t (and don’t want…) stupid americans pronounce greek and roman name correctly…

  7. TheAssassin Gaming says:

    Who else saw Percy and annabeth from the Percy Jackson series?

  8. Miss Houston says:

    Can’t wait for Norse Mythology.?

  9. Pa trick says:

    So the Greek pantheon is basically an early version of reality TV. Human Nature in it’s most extreme form.

  10. Rob Wilf says:

    Percy and Annabeth! 9:25

  11. Bence Parajdi says:

    Atlas holds the sky. it’s a misconception that he holds the earth


    I can’t wait for the Japanese pantheon video

  13. Vedran Jalsovec says:

    will you talk about the old slavic religion?

  14. Lady of Crows says:

    Hestia; the one nice and unproblematic greek goddess

  15. Alexandra the Nerd says:

    1. Percy and Annabeth on Olympus
    2. the Iris messages on the gods’ phones

  16. Guala Tapes says:


  17. Thomas Punt says:

    6:04 You called atlas a demigod. He’s a Titan.
    also at 9:24 when you show Percy and Annabeth, if Annabeth is wearing her Yankees cap, then shouldn;t she be invisible?

    Also also, if Aphrodite was actually born of Ouranus’s severed penis, why is she called a daughter of Zeus?

    also also ALSO, please stop mispronouncing Thoth. Please.

  18. Timothy McLean says:

    Apollo was the god of _moderation?_ Rough job when your dad is Zeus…

  19. Perris Avallon says:

    Admit it. You already knew all of this because of Percy Jackson.

  20. Douglas Robinette says:

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