The Guys React to the Clippers Shocking Warriors In Game 5 | NBA on TNT

The Guys React to the Clippers Shocking Warriors In Game 5 | NBA on TNT

Lou Williams and company shine as the Clippers down the Warriors in Oakland. As the series shifts to LA, should we worry about the Warriors?

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80 Responses

  1. Hit This Loud G Before I Change My Mind says:

    Warriors just need 7 more all stars & then they can pull off the series win

  2. Medicinal Blood says:

    I bet the clippers could beat the sixers In a 7 game series

  3. alan alfaro says:

    wow what a turn of events. who will
    join the clippers? how good will they be next season? solid game.

  4. Americas Team says:

    Golden State Warriors: END GAME

  5. J P says:

    don’t know if I’m more surprised that the clippers won or that docs vocal cords didn’t sound shredded and ashy lol

  6. SuperTrustFall says:

    Lack of focus and effort…period. Love watching them lose, not gonna lie ?

  7. Alazar Assefa says:

    golden state and 3-1 leads ….

  8. Robert Johnson says:

    Kenny calls it “mental fatigue”. It’s them being cocky and relying on their ability to turn it on in the 3rd and 4th quarters. KD had a career playoff high. No fatigue.

    • Robert Johnson says:

      +Patsy Sadowski You’re taking it away from the Clippers by believing GSW were fatigued. If you watch GSW play you know that’s literally what they do. First half of the game will be competitive and then they pull away. Watch them play before you make statements.

    • philagon says:

      Robert Johnson Or mental weakness. This is the main reason they aren’t in contention for the title of greatest team ever.

    • JOHN Q says:

      No excuses they loss but, I get Kenny point they have been playing more basketball and bigger games than every team in the west the last 5 years so nights like this happen.

    • pageperpage says:

      @Robert Johnson king of blues!

  9. veerchasm1 says:

    Somebody punch donkeyface Green in the ?’s

  10. Apolo Hazza says:

    Bruh if clippers win in 7 that would be the biggest upset of all time

  11. Real Brethem says:

    That Lou Will fade-away on Iggy was just nasty

  12. Clutch Flutie says:

    Loose ball foul, oh yeah you know what I mean……rofl im actually rolling on the ground.

    • Johny Reyes says:

      +TurtlesKnives he meant to say Bev should’ve taken a technical and retaliated, but he said loose ball foul instead, someone kinda corrected him and he responded with “you know what I mean”

  13. A L says:

    As soon as chuck said they were gonna get blown out i put money on the clippers ? thanks chuck!

  14. DesecratedReaper says:

    the old rockets giving the warriors trouble?

  15. Surgical says:

    If the Clippers win expect KD to join them.

  16. Kevin says:

    Steve Kerr trying too hard to be like Pop

  17. Chris R. says:

    It’s incredible how deep Beverley can get into your head.

    • Kerim Hrustanovic says:

      It doesn’t matter how much KD scored. They still lost. Beverley achieved his goal. He drew offensive fouls and put the Warriors off track

    • Steven R says:

      +Kerim Hrustanovic y’all overreacting b…. I like Beverly too but don’t overplay his importance. Warriors still gonna close off the series next game

    • Johny Reyes says:

      +SerlingPictures you’re not in the minority in Houston

  18. Ricardo Has Small PP says:

    You clipper fans better be making some noise in the staples center Friday ?

  19. Erwin David says:

    Last time Draymond green step over someone, they blew a 3-1 lead. XD

  20. Trixshot Mayhem says:

    Did I just hear that short little Beverly got 14 rebounds.that man is a fighter

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